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To educate, advocate and demonstrate regenerative water practices that follow permaculture principles, in a way that inspires, empowers and enables people to evolve their thinking and to practice a higher water ethic.


Top 5 Things To Know About WATER in the Morongo Basin

  1. We are using more water from our aquifers than is being naturally replaced.     
  2. We replace this water by importing it from the Sacramento Delta watershed, 650 miles away.
  3. We live in a major earthquake region, therefore serious disruption of water importation from the Delta is a real and present concern.      
  4. Maintaining a vast distribution system for moving water throughout California is  the single largest user of energy in the state.  As energy costs rise, so will the cost of water.
  5. Scientific assessments indicate that we are entering a 30 yr drought cycle, which will be further compounded by the drying effects of climate change.

Curious to know more? You are most welcome to check out a Water Group meeting. We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Email for location and time.
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Do you want to learn more about water here in the desert and beyond? Check out the Water Group’s collection of resources. From books to graphics to videos, this compilation of information will help you find answers to your questions about water.

Graphics for Learning and Sharing

  1. Tap Water vs. Bottled Water:


  1. Water & Energy: http://blogs.kqed.org/climatewatch/files/2012/06/2-Power-Plant-Usage-Chart_secondrevise.jpg


Information About Water in the Desert
One of the best ways to understand water is to understand what is happening at the local level. Check out your local water plan today. 

  1. Yucca Valley (Hi-Desert Water District): http://www.hdwd.com/basin-management-plan/
  2. Joshua Tree (Joshua Basin Water District): http://www.jbwd.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/UWMP_JBWD_2010-Final-with-Appendices-1.pdf
  3. Twentynine Palms (Twentynine Palms Water District) http://www.29palmswater.net/files/64955341.pdf
  4. Flamingo Heights, Landers (Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency): http://bdvwa.org/BDVWA%20Final%20GWMP%201Feb2012.pdf

Videos about Water
Tired of reality TV, or biased local channels? Grab some popcorn and check out our playlist on YouTube.

Blogs and News Sites about Water

  1. Aquafornia is a news aggregator owned by the Water Education Foundation. http://aquafornia.com/
  2. Chance of Rain is a repository of published reporting by Emily Green, blog posts, and resource directories to do with water, land and wildlife conservation in the West. http://chanceofrain.com/

Books on Water
Turn the pages of one of these books and get a new glimpse of the story of water. Check them out from your local library! 

  1. Blue Revolution by Cynthia Barnett
  2. Taking on Water by Wendy Pabich
  3. Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner
  4. Rainwater Harvesting Vol 1 & 2 by Brad Lancaster
  5. A Great Aridness by William DeBuys

Inspiration and tips for drought gardening: LA Times Articles – Click here