Two Transition Joshua Tree Members Get Nutiva Scholarships

Tim Delorey and Nicholas Holmes
Tim Delorey and Nicholas Holmes

Local Transition Joshua Tree members Tim Delorey and Nicholas Holmes have received scholarships from the Nutiva company to attend the Permaculture Voices Convention from March 13 – 16 in Temecula, CA. The convention will be comprised of 60 sessions featuring over 40 world-renown speakers who are on the cutting edge of permaculture research. Permaculture is a land use design method that works with the deep patterns of nature to regenerate ecosystems and create sustainable human habitation.

Each Scholarship applicant had to submit an exhaustive application to demonstrate that he or she is an Eco-Entrepreneur:  someone who has been running an eco-business for less than 2 years or is in the process of starting an eco-business that doesn’t yet exist. Joining them at the convention will be local permaculturists and transition members Lindsey Convery, Jill Giegerich and Damian Lester.

Since receiving degrees in Architecture & Sustainable Development from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and moving to Joshua Tree in 2006, Nicholas Homes has been applying his education and skills as a local ecological designer & builder, with a passion for all things nourishing. In 2011 Nicholas and his wife Jenny planted a seed, their vision for a mixed-use community-oriented center for healthy and sustainable living located in Downtown Joshua Tree. There are several branches to Nourishing Tree including Holmes Ecological Design & Construction and Solstice Eco Building Supply, both owned and operated by Nicholas.

Tim DeLorey has been involved in permaculture for the past 4 years receiving his Permaculture Design Certification from Quail Springs Permaculture Institute in October 2013. Using his background in the sciences, he takes an experimental approach to learning the art of permaculture.  These experiments have ranged from designing permaculture systems for efficient dryland usage to rediscovering nutritional densities of native desert plants used by indigenous peoples of the region.  Through permaculture consultation, lecturing, workshop facilitation, and product distribution Tim is contributing his unique perspective in bringing about a transition to a more balanced way of being.