TJT Permaculture Project Team Update

The team creates a trial run Boomerang swale.

This is an update on the progress and doings of the Transition Joshua Tree Permaculture Project Team. But first – what exactly is permaculture? So glad you asked! It is a land use design method that works with the deep patterns of nature to regenerate ecosystems and create sustainable human habitation. Our first hands-on, experiential public workshop will be about water harvesting earthworks. These are permaculture systems that capture rain water runoff, slowing it down so that it can sink into and hydrate the land and the surrounding vegetation.

Long and thoughtful observation is the first principle of permaculture and it has served us well with our earthworks’ workshop design for the Joshua Tree property of Transition members Kathy Jennings and Eva Montville. Working closely with the natural patterns of the land and with the needs and aesthetics of the property owners we have gone through several iterations and have arrived at the right water harvesting design. We originally thought we would run the workshop in November but have now pushed it to the second half of February (TBA) so that it will occur soon after our team member Jill Giegerich’s next public Drylands Permaculture Lecture in Yucca Valley in early February (TBA). Last year Jill did this lecture twice, once in Joshua Tree and once on Yucca Mesa, both times to a packed house. We look forward to hosting her lecture this year. Stay tuned!

We now have five Transition Joshua Tree members who have completed their Permaculture Design Certification – Jill Giegerich, Tim Delorey, Gregory Glenn, Damian Lester and Kathy Jennings. Congratulations!

If you are interested in joining a TJT Permaculture Team once our first workshop is complete, please email us at

-The TJT Permaculture Project Team (Tim Delorey, Jill Giegerich, Damian Lester, Janet Tucker)