TJT Organizational chart

Big Aim:


Transition Teams (TT):   (Gets Stuff Done & Have Fun)

“Self organizing,” “formally approved,” “open, transparent, free flow of information,” “no less than 4 people.”

  • “All efforts need to contribute in some way to the transition to greater community resilience.”

VIII.2 Constitution

  • “. . .agree to abide and uphold principles . . .consider effects of our actions and statements on TJT public reputation.” Our Action Objectives, VI Constitution


  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Action planning for outreach programs
  • Raise own funds
  • Assign contact person & treasurer (not necessarily the elected rep to Coordinating Council)
  • Elect representitive to Coordinating Council (CC)
  • Reports on activities at Coordinating Council meetings
  • Post minutes and flyers
  • Provide content to Administrative Team (AT)
  • Responsible for responding to inquires in a timely manner.
  • Promotes events (Flyers, press releases. . .) w/ support (approval) from CC & AT
  • Representative to Coordinating Council needs to report back to Transition Teams on Coordinating Council decisions.
  • Recruits new members
  • Encourage Transition Team members to occasionally attend other Transition Teams group meetings.


Coordinating Council (CC):


  • “ . . . which is Transition Joshua Tree’s governing and strategic planning body comprised of elected representatives from each Transition Team.” VIII.1 Constitution


Oversight ( Develop and Keep Vision)

  • Legal & Governance
  • Strategic planning, Guiding Principles
  • Consider request for advocacy, and formally approve new Transition Teams (TT)
  • Be involved in general TJT matters: logo design, banners. . .

Outreach (Community)

  • Transition Joshua Tree presence in community
  • Collaborate with local organizations, keeping informed of community matters
  • Form alliances with independent community organizations
  • Influence public policy change i.e.; Water Board
  • Collaborate with Transition USA and Global Transition Groups
  • Transition Joshua Tree umbrella events i.e.; Great Unleashing, Open Spaces w/ support from Transition Teams & Administrative Team & special project teams.

Inreach (Coordinating Functions)

Internal communications:

  • Reports/Track activities, events, projects
  • Reports back to Transition Teams via TT representative on important CC information and decisions.
  • Communication Hub for Transition Teams to inform of relevant regional workshops, webinars, (other?)
  • Redirects team building and conflict resolution issues to Heart and Soul
  • Gives guidence & direction to Adminstrative Team (AT), and approves AT person
  • Support Transition Team events
  • Supports the organic evolution of Transition Teams
  • General membership meetings/potlucks
  • Raise its own operating funds
  • Encourage Coordinating Council members to ocassionally attend a meeting of each Transition Team.
  • Delegate and support decision-making procedures that enable the greatest possible operational autonomy for each of the Transition Teams, Admin Support Team and Coordinating Council. *

Administrative Team (AT):

  • “The Administrative Team is a subgroup that works at the direction of the CC and/or general membership.” VIII.1 Constitution


Information Technology

  • Website
    • Maintenance, keep current
    • Design (Ease of use/User friendly)
    • Videos:

Suggested producing Transition Joshua Tree video series & maintain media/library resources




  • First responders; fielding phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Maintain and keep current g-mail/email lists
  • Archive documents: Constitution, Stratgic Plan, Guiding Principles
  • Maintain Facebook page