The Permaculture Team Site Tours

Cob wall for a garden enclosure


After the first few meetings of the newly formed Transition Joshua Tree Permaculture Team, the members decided that it was time to see what we were doing on each of our various sites. A series of site tours were planned that were open to the public.

We were fascinated to see the wide array of projects our members were engaged in, including a sunken greenhouse, a private well with housing, pens for chickens and pheasants, detailed homesite plans for total permaculture transformation, extensive water harvesting swales around orchards to catch and hold every drop of water, contouring the land to direct and sink water to support existing wild plantings, earthbag buildings, total off-the-grid living, roof water catchment systems, gray water systems, mesquite and palo verde groves, boomerang swales, junk mail sponge swales, enclosed vegetable gardens, vege gardens in tires, enclosures for growing dwarf fruit trees in containers, and many more interesting ideas being put into use.

It is clear that there is no one way to make it in the High Desert. Each site reflects the individual personality and philosophy of its resident, and that feels like a positive. The Permaculture Team now has a much better idea of its collective identity, and is ready to plan for future projects.

The Permaculture Team is currently on summer hiatus. If you would like to come to a meeting once we begin again in the fall, check us out at TJT Permaculture Team Info.

– this update by Janet Tucker, member TJT Permaculture Team