Meeting Minutes 6/2011 – 8/2011


Steering Team

Ted Milson, Jill Giegerich, Lynn Reese, Stacy Doolittle

Karen Tracy was away as a BM Ranger.


Present: Jill, Ted, Lynn, Stacy (Karen at Burning Man)


Stacy owes $4 from previous time to treasury (noted but not added in)

Treasurer’s Report = $153

Food Group

Ricochet taking ownership of the tire gardens, which have been planted with herbs. They are still working on their permaculture script or film. Doug and Julie Buckley have left the food group but remained committed to Transition.

Meeting cancelled — Lynn out of town on the 13th. Discussion on strategic planning. Meeting on the 15th to conclude strategic planning. (Sustainability cards to be addressed post-strategic planning).

Old Biz:

T4T Discussion

Add: Pay by check or money order?

Resolved the “cash” issue – by noting that registrants can send a money order. Stacy updated on the T4T site; Jill to update the Event Brite.

If there are local tickets left by the 5th of Sept, Jill will send out the invitation via Gmail. As of this date, there are only five local tickets left.

Remove the phone numbers and addresses from hotels, etc.

Agenda as a downloadable PDF. – Need to customize it. – Stacy

Ted & Stacy agree to finalize the information page by Tuesday 5th of September. We will send out the link to it via email to our registrants (Event Brite) asap.

Food info: link to the Joshua Tree.

Discussion regarding cancelling the event due to low registration. We will revisit this issue one month prior to the event.

Scenarios (before we added food costs)

23 non locals




Total income



Total expenses



Total profit (or loss)




10 non-local registration:




Total income



Total expenses



Total profit (or loss)



If no people show up from non-local and we believe we can run this with just locals.




Total income



Total expenses



Total profit (or loss)



Insurance may cost.

Stacy to transition the food management to Karen. Investigate Subway as well.

Added $860 to the budget to allow for food.

Coffee/Tea to Karen.

Lynn has can of coffee to donate.


Checking Acct Discussion

We had to have something to link to PayPal. Couldn’t set it up with the Transition Joshua Tree name due to paperwork demanded by bank. Jill set up a second personal acct. Stacy suggested adding TJT to the address line of the check when we order checks. Chase guy knew Scott Wexton.

Stacy recommends we have a T4T meeting with Karen prior to the 15th. Get her up to speed.


Ted will have a draft of the newsletter for us by the 5th (deadline). Jill to update timeline and some other content. Travis has submitted an article.

New Biz:


Yucca Mesa Improvement Association has requested a general talk about Transition and information about the T4T. Sept 19th is the date. Jill is busy out of town. Stacy handles the 19th.

Sept 17th Meet & Greet about TJT at the Basin Wide Foundation. Ted, Stacy and Jill signed up for this. Newsletter.


Meeting and Facilitation Evaluation:


Please call on our reticent team members more.

Action Items: (Ted to enter)

Action Items from Steering Committee Meeting 8-30-11

  1. Interview Jill for newsletter-Karen-gone to Burning Man
  2. Find out when Saloon closes-Jill?-by next meeting
  3. Finish updating WordPress Information Page-Stacy and Ted-By September 5th
  4. Get info on catering information-Stacy-done by September 13th
  5. Sent stakeholder invites-all-asap
  6. Insurance for the event-Jill-next meeting?
  7. Get WordPress recipt-Ted-next meeting
  8. Send Lynn logo-Jill-before next meeting
  9. Edit eventbrite and add moneyorders-Jill-before next meeting?
  10. Send out the gmail invite-Uncertain-Tuesday September 6th
  11. Get picture on the website-Ted-ASAP
  12. Accomodations List-Ted-before next meeting?
  13. Special Food Needs List-Jill-before next meeting?
  14. Simplify links (take out addresses and phone #s)-Ted-before next meeting?
  15. Customize T4T generic agenda-Stacy-before next meeting?
  16. JT Chamber of Commerce link on Transition Information Page-Stacy and Ted-By September 5th
  17. Do bio for Transition website-Ted-ASAP
  18. Another meeting to update Karen-Stacy, Jill, (maybe) Ted-soon
  19. E-mail Karen on her potential return date-Uncertain-Uncertain
  20. Draft of newsletter-Ted-Monday September 4th
  21. Food Group Article Revision-Jill-before next meeting?
  22. Tighten up timeline-Jill-before next meeting?
  23. Non-profit tabling-Jill and Ted-September 17th
  24. Presentation-Stacy-September 19
  25. Calling Cards-Jill-Uncertain



Transition Steering 8/18/11 (these minutes were taken by Karen but transcribed by Jill)

Present: Stacy, Jill, Ted, Karen

Jill- facilitator, Stacy – Treasurer, Karen – minutes

Treasurer’s report – Stacy collected $4 to be put in kitty at next meeting.

Action items:

Jill wrote invite

Ted updated WordPress. No extra money needed for more upgrade.

Jill connected with Travis who said he is working on article for newsletter

Jill re-wrote What is Transition

Save the date for carpool sent to FB

Old Biz:

1. T4T Planning:

a. Karen’s report on talk with Scott:

He would like circle arrangement with tables and chairs

Suggests catered food, encouraging breaking of bread together

He is working on registration NOT on eventbrite because of no paypal option

b. Jill’s report on talk with Bobby:

Has 36 folding chairs

Yes on Wifi, also has satellite connection in studio

turntable, ipod and cd in studio

does not have insurance, thinks Barnett had it for Mia Dyson performance

Has a couple of small table

Barnett has (10) 8′ tables that he will loan us

Has screen for projection

c. Jills report on setting up registration for locals

she is looking into Paypal and Eventbrite

d. Completion of stakeholders list – went through it and prioritized. List divvied.

e. Completion of stakeholders evite – Stacy, Jill and Ted will complete in next few days once WordPress is up and running

f. Continue working through event checklist – tabled until next meeting

2. Newletter – Ted

a. Jill completed TJT timeline

b. Janet Tucker sent an article from the food group

c. Karen completed the book report

d. Jill sent Ted What is Transition

e. still waiting on Travis

Tabled items:

1. continuation of planning checklist

Action Items:

These minutes are approved by:


Transition Steering 8/9/11

Stacy, Jill, Ted, Karen (Lynn joined later)

Treasurer’s Report: $152

Food Group Report: via Jill they have a number of projects in the pipe including video production on PermaCulture in our area as well as a questionnaire addressed to all project leaders regarding leadership, maintenance and sustainability issues.

Action Items:

Viewing Transmission website: all reported Yes, they did visit the website

Logo: no, no work on new logo yet

Asking the correct questions to obtain hardcore sustainability knowledge: posted

Acquire Bobby Furst’s for venue: done

Update STAKEHOLDER list: done

Update T4T w/Scott Mc: done

Update Drylands Competition: done

Date & Time of meetings: Consensus to change back to 5p.m. at Lynn’s

Discussion of Travis’ departure from Steering-long, emotional, grieving

T4T update-Karen: Scott posted our training on TransitionUS will set up online registration thru Eventbrite for our convenience. We will be their first training to use online reg. He assured me this is not in order for TUS to have any access or use of our data. Scott is aware of the price point $150 and advises us not to put the work-study price ($40) online.

Newsletter-Ted WordPress workable. Cost $17 to get “Wordpress” out of the URL

In consideration of our current WordPress site which looks amateurish. We will be able to upload our own banner and create a uniform look, like MDLT.

**Stacy offers to purchase the $17 version and get reimbursed.**

**Ted tasked with previewing templates that will have uniform look and usability also to investigate costs of use

Newsletter Content: **Karen-book report on The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler

**interview of Jill by Karen-about being the founder of TJT

**obtain from Travis his re-write of ‘How to Be the One Who Says “Yes”’

**Jill owns the above

**Jill will also re-work the ‘Transition Explanation’ previously presented to JBWD and let Ted know when it is ready for publication

**Jill again-working on a logo, does not have to be refinded or perfect version-**Ted will edit logo for publication

**Biographies of each member of Steering (with photo?)

**JILL-AGAIN will write a bulleted time line of TJT history

**Ted-forms a list of future newsletter topics in the form of a document

**Stacy-regarding asking the right questions-will form questions from the document generated for the USGS presentation at JTCommunity Center in the ABC’s of Water series on septage drainage into aquifer

**Karen to help locate document related to above item

Update on Jill generating hard facts on sustainability-keep in mind the following:

JBWD is in a state of overdraft-there is no natural recharge

Planned pipeline from SWP to percolation pond is not sustainable

Use of septic tanks has caused nitrates to reach the aquifer

Nitrates in the aquifer will require special treatment to remove or dilute

Jill has a long term goal of presenting PermaCulture principles to JBWD Board

Including calling Joe Guzzetta to keep that communication open and ask questions

Date for Strategic Planning

Ishikawa not Paretto

After Training in Nov.

Also to include finishing the Constitution

New Biz

Consensus decision made to change previous decision in log on FB

Steering Group members may serve on Sub-groups

New member of Steering: Ted-welcome aboard

Discussion about asking food group to nominate a member to steering. Decision to wait on adding new members until after the T4T. Leaders might arise from this event.

Someone who has time, community connections, possesses the big picture, not a tactical worker, strategic thinker, computer savy

Friday August 12 Planning meeting for Training at Jill’s studio at 3 p.m.

Action Items:

**Stacy drafts INVITATION to Training

**Ted research further the WordPress templates and costs

**Stacy pay for WordPress bypass so URL is simple, clean

**Karen writes book report

**Karen interview Jill for bio in newsletter

**Jill gets re-write of Travis’ piece for newsletter

**Jill does re-write of Transition Explanation doc for newsletter AND TELLS TED when it’s ready

**Biographies of each steering committee member for newsletter

**Jill works on logo

**Jill writes a bulleted timeline of TJT history for newletter

**Ted-keeps tickler list of future articles for newsletter

**Karen to help Stacy by locating document from ABC’s of Water on sewage for  list of right questions to ask

Respectfull Submitted


Transition Steering 8/2/11

Jill, Lynn, Stacy, Travis, Ted, Karen

Treasurer’s Report: $147

Newsletter-Ted M.S. Publisher will work with WordPress

Ted recommends that we re-evaluate in 3-6 months for possible switch to Constant Contact-templates in MS match WordPress for comprehensive look

Ted did receive the software from Stacy

**Travis recommends we all look at Transmission website which is a WordPress Pro charge for this maybe <$15/mo

Our newsletter may be 4xyr.

Dates: 8/23 content deadline for first issue to be timely for Training

possible publish date: 9/7

**Jill working on logo-may initially be temporary logo

First issue will have hard content and editorial

Publish online and hard copy

PermaCulture-Jill-intensive course 7:30a.m. to 9:30p.m. daily

lectures at first-hands on in 2nd weed.

emphasis on difficulty of PermaCulture in desert

intensity of information relays how extreme are the changes coming our way

massive amount of data available-irrefutable weight of data from USGS

water situations and climate change will be dire

**Jill will develop questions for gathering data on local water and population


2½ days-Scott strongly recommends starting on Friday evening

We are in consensus that we are confirmed for Oct.15-Scott requested this

**Travis to nail down Bobby Furst’s as venue

When venue confirmed, TransisitonUS will post to its site

$3000 budget  35 attendees 9non-local-$150 with work study $40

Invitation-**Ted to examine invitation templates on WordPress

Invite Ready to go 8/23 or 8/30

Why should one be interested in going to this-What’s in it for me?

“Let’s not wait until we must talk to each other”

**Travis will have rough draft by next meeting 8/9-he will not be present

Open Space invitation posted to use as guide-motivation

**Travis will update STAKEHOLDER list completion 8/6 Saturday

**Karen to research online registration thru TransitionUS website

Drylands Competition-Ted-visioning opportunity-another look at an EDAP (energy descent action plan)

something tangible in order to become sustainable

SHTF-outline of a plan-tactics-can be found online

Community Design Proposal (vs. architectural design)

using PermaCulture-design a practical response specific to Joshua Tree

Nov. 15 deadline to sign up

Dec. 15 submission of plan deadline

Jan. awards

Ted will own this project **Travis will help line up a team

team will be under Transition umbrella creating a working group

Hardcore Sustainability Data

**Jill owns for purposes of gathering data for a proposal-writing the right questions will be first

what does it mean to have a stable reliable source of water in the desert

**Stacy to derive pertinent info from USGS sewer study

Jill brings from PermaCulture “Think like a watershed”

perhaps a special meeting to learn H₂O & climate change issues

Action Items

Everyone-go look at Transmissions website

Jill-working on logo

Jill-working on proposal to gather data on hardcore sustainability – questions first

Travis-acquire Bobby Furst’s as our venue for Training

Travis-update STAKEHOLDERS list

Karen-research online registration with Scott McKeown and TransitionUS

Ted-begin working on Drylands Community Design Proposal

Stacy-derive data RE: sustainability from USGS study

Respectfully submitted


Transition Steering 7/26/11

Present: Lynn, Travis, Ted, Stacy, Karen

Treasurer’s Report: $142

Training with Scott McKeown October 15/16 occupied large majority of the meeting.

Notes on training follow brief discussion from Ted on newsletter

Newsletter: Travis, Stacy & Ted had an ad hoc meeting

Ted reports on 3 different platforms

After running down the pros and cons of each recommended that Constant     Contact might be the best alternative for our needs

4th option raised: Microsoft Publisher

**Stacy to get software to Ted**

Newsletter content might include: events, bios, stories, blogs,           accomplishments, government infrastructure, principles, TRAINING

Training overview:

Attendance, Audience, Invitation


Budget, Payments, Fees


Training specifics:

Scott McKeown October 15/16-2 day event with 2 trainers

Date vs. checklist, use event checklist and back out to determine target dates to achieve goals

**Ted asked to look at our checklist to figure newsletter drop-dead date for marketing**

Look to TJT for documents from Travis and TransitionUS on giving a Training

Attendance, Audience, Invitation



Target # 35 (compromise) 9 non-local from SoCal or Desert SW

Steering=6 Food Group=maybe 2

leaves 18 local “KEY STAKEHOLDERS”

**list of key stakeholders needs to be parceled out into generic titles**

KEY STAKEHOLDERS: See docs on Steering Committee page-additions encouraged


Venue suggestions: Helen Grey Center, Community Center, Integratron, Bobby Furst’s,  JT Celebration Center, Harrison House, local schools, gyms, JTRC, Blak Box, EV Free gym

Budget, Payments, Fees- overall budget $3000, Boeing contribution $2000

Lodging/food for trainers will be minimal expense

Juggling local/non-local will impact the financial numbers

25% non-local slots-only select few-consider turn-aways

$150 for non-local/sliding scale for locals $75— >scholarship

$1500 or $2000 for trainers-unclear on this

cost of the venue will determine its final selection

Marketing-TransitionUS will assist in promotion

Marketing needs to be persuasive- describe why someone would want to come while also targeting the demographic which this presentation will benefit

Marketing to work with newsletter & Ted

Questions for Scott-**relayed by Karen**

Can we get a course outline?

On the specified days, what are the hours and duration each day?

What can be resolved RE: payment schedule?-(we are expecting a non-profit financial payout on 8/26-can he save us the date while waiting for deposit until then?)

Does he know of other interested parties in this area that we should invite?

Please explain “joint visioning” –What will we walk away with?

Tabled: Drylands Competition, deadline in November

respectfully submitted


Transition Steering 7/5/11

Present: Stacy, Travis, Jill, Lynn, Karen

guest, Ted Milson, recent Urban and Regional Planning graduate from Pomona

Treasurer’s report: $137



July 22 is  deadline,

**Stacy and Travis to get together**


T4T a very big deal, much publicity, invite LA and San Diego? and AZ?

sub-groups will form as a result of training

sights set on Scott McKeown-Karen now has a connection with him thru BurningMan **and Karen will continue to follow up-keep the ball rolling**

Car Pool-will be last Monday of the month

Travis has connected with her to develop reliable planning protocol

**Travis will continue to follow up**

**someone will pick up MBTA routes and schedules for us**

Green Biz-Travis is continuing to follow-up RE: buildings heating and cooling

some tenants do not have info on the buildings they rent

H₂0 Conservation Survey-**Karen to gather results and give them to Deb

Strategic Planning Session-long strategic planning meeting followed with the goal: Crystalize our thoughts for clarity of intention and for grant writing


Vision=big-future state

Tactics=activities to achieve goal

eg library project, solar farm tie-in, community directory

Operating (Organizing) Principles:

1.Permaculture-despite Stacy




Respectfully Submitted



Present: Travis, Stacy, Karen, Jill, Lynn

Treasurer’s Report: $132.00

Jill requests that we use the model for discussion lead following around in succession to offer responses. Tried. Did not work out well. Back to popcorn format by default.

TJT Training

Jill reports back positively from conversation with Trainer Scott McKeown

He is TUS support/guidance as well as bringing elevated enthusiasm to community

Also says we are ready to apply for official TT status.

Discussion of dates to bring him here following consensus to do so-that discussion is ongoing.

Our preferred date is Oct 15/16; we could also live with Sept. 17/18

Strategic Planning

def: develop strategies for accomplishing our goals

3 Drivers: climate change, peak oil (energy), economic instability

How can we localize these drivers? How do we align our efforts to accomplish? What are we trying to accomplish? (See below)

Mission vs. Vision

Mission: what are we about? Why are we here? inspire, prepare, educate

Vision: what we will look like when we accomplish our mission-our future state


Living Joshua Tree seeks to inspire and prepare the residents of our community for positive and sustainable action in response to energy, climate and economic changes.


Imagine living in a Joshua Tree beyond fossil fuels. A community where local business’ take their power from renewable energy. From Yucca Mesa in the West to CMC in east, with everyone in between and beyond harvesting water from the rains and food from the land.


Imagine living in Joshua Tree beyond fossil fuels; a community where power is acquired from locally generated and clean energy. From Yucca Mesa in the west to CMC in the east, with everyone in between and beyond harvesting water from the monsoons and locally grown food from gardens. Imagine a community where the habitat is secure and abundant for humans, animals and flora.

Revisiting “Our Goals”

examples of localizing our drivers: a workshop on our local economy given by someone with local expertise e.g. Morongo Basin Economic Development Consortium

Other examples: Seth talking on our local climate, Neil Derry on wind power or Al Rasumssen on solar power

Stressing importance of getting good local information and networking with other organizations

Using already established models

Getting our stakeholders onboard

Stakeholder-someone (can be an organization) whose path will rely upon the outcome of our path, someone who has a demand upon the same resources, mutual dependencies

Actions: are these strategies or tactics?

1. Constitution Reading to stakeholders-tactic

2. Transition Training-tactic

3. Key Strategic Relationships (networking)- strategy and tactic

4. Newsletter/Blog-tactic

5. Daniel Francis-tactic

6. Climate Summit-tactic

7. Energy Summit-tactic

8. Build Awareness of both Transitions and local issues-strategy

9. Local Economic Issues-tactic and strategy

10. Emergency Preparedness-tactic

11. Growing Wiser-tactic

12. Transportation (gorilla bus stop)-strategy

13. EDAP-tactic

14. Great Unleashing-tactic

15. Logo/Brand/Image package-tactic

16. Grants/Partnerships-strategy

17. Create environment for Emerging Groups-strategy

“Affimitizing” exercise to arrange these into groups and then name the groups

Much shuffling and moving of stickies resulted in the following:





Radio dj

Logo/Brand/Image package

Build Awareness


Climate Event

Daniel Francis Training

Energy Summit

Growing Wiser

Local Economic Summit

Emergency Preparedness


Organizational Requirements  

incomplete at this point as Rev. Reese’s document did not post


incomplete at this point as Rev. Reese’s document did not post

Transition Training

discussion of dates

dinner possibly together on the day before the training

Next meeting:

Invite Food Group with the intention that they be a stakeholder and participate in strategic planning

focus on drivers aligning with tactics and strategies

Respectfully Submitted


June 21, 2011

Present: Lynn Reece, Stacy Doolittle, Jill Giegerich, Travis Puglisi, Karen Tracy.

Treasury Report: $121

$9 paid to Karen for photocopies for collecTED Wisdom.

Old Biz:

Next Movie Night: Stacy

Stacy is not inclined to do a movie night as she is not sure it fits within the Awareness aspect of transition

Jill suggests that we focus on solar as that is a hot topic at the moment

Possibilities are Speaker (Ruth Nolan), a panel, or a film focused on solar.

Venue Concerns

Jill Ok with not doing anything at all.

Stacy likes the idea of focusing on a newsletter

Jill proposes we scrap events for july. Authorized

Update on Newsletter: Travis and Stacy

Travis to track down correspondence around newsletter

Jill for blog, karen about experience with other group, rhonda with her talk from Seeds in the Sand, bios, victories.

Momentum halted by name change and logo

Name change issue fixed

Travis will gather all previous info on newsletter and report next week to coordinate with Stacy

Name Change

Jill no longer attached to Living Joshua Tree likes the idea of Transition 62

Everyone is detatched form the idea that Transition Joshua Tree is problematic

The issue now is who are we representing with our name and how does that effect inclusiveness and inter-town collaboration

Jill proposes that no name change take place and we table it till a time arises that it be fit to change


Training for Transition in the Fall

Scott McKeowen is endorsed by the Nancy Karl

She offers that it take place at the Integratron

Concern: What does a Transition Trainer offer to the community that we service to get them mobilized.

Legitamacy coming from an authorized/certified source representing the international model

Next step would be to ask Scott for an Outline on his presentation.

What do we want from him…..expectations v. ability to provide.

Jill following up by making inquiries from the potential presenters

Query the mailing list about the training issue

Update on Carpool with Sylvia White

One typo remaining on flyer

Missed meeting with Travis due to acts of god

Needs to be circled back on by Travis regarding tech and ideas about Transportation

Travis will call her tomorrow.


Food Group Update

Speaking with Barn Raisers about project at Methodist Churchpotentially a garden

Still working on the desert doc of food cultivation in the desert

Idea presented that the compost be used in demo garden at Ricochet

idea of selling compost be sold in order to finance other projects…..

Gift Circle by Valerie Gill

She has been contacted by Jill and will be directed to Transition 101 for self education


Strategic Planning Meeting scheduled for July 5, 2011.  5 PM at Lynn’s.

solar to be discussed amongst other event themes at this meeting.

Solar…..connecting the Neil Derry’s office about what the plans are for future.

There is a solar training course at CMC, probably resources to fill in this discussion


Transition Joshua Tree Steering Committee

Stacy, Travis, Jill, Karen

no Treasurer’s report-pot luck meal instead

Debrief CollecTED Wisdom 2

Attendance seemed low however, relative to other organizations’ meetings&events, we did fill the room and caliber of folks was stellar; they were all interested

Overall event reinforced itself, showing TED talk on vulnerability then living it for the audience to see, take in, learn

Water Demo became bigger focus than originally planned

Lessons: have plan B and TEST plan B, have plan C

Add ‘Have a Script’ in hand for all the Committee prior to Events Checklist

Add Karen to Admin on gmail

Have wash/rinse basins for plates/utensils for future pot lucks

Future dialogue may be enhance by breaking into small groups

as Daniel Francis did

Planning for future events: Call on the phone to insure receipt of information

Next Event

Stacy’s to produce

Picnic at Tom O’Kees?-lighting for guests and dialogue issue to reslove

July 17 or 24?


“Finalized” version posted in docs by Stacy who walked us thru a shared desktop revision of the Keene document