Shared Leadership!

IC Meeting_Karen_2013_0929

On Sept. 29, the voting members of Transition Joshua Tree met to discuss and reach consensus on the form of our next governing structure which will take effect when the original TJT Initiating Group steps down. A small project group had been formed to research and  present to us various governance options. Thirteen voting members attended this meeting. After 3 hours of lively discussion a consensus was reached on our new model. Another small group was then formed to hammer out the details of this model and to present it to our next meeting of the voting members on November 17. What is a voting member you may ask? A voting member is anyone who is currently in or was once in a TJT Working Group or has done “boots on the ground” work with Transition Joshua Tree. Stay tuned for more details.

Transition Joshua Tree’s New Governing Structure

WG = Working Group