Thriving in a Changing World

In March 2012, this 1.5 day workshop brought Morongo Basin citizens together to begin imagining our community’s transition to a sustainable  way of life. We utilized an amazing workshop technique called Open Space Technology developed by Harrison Owen. The question asked was “What issues do we need to focus on now to create a vibrant and sustainable community?”. The results were astounding. Here’s a list of some of the  groups that are forming as a result. If you would like to get involved feel free to make contact. (Note: Amended/Updated December 2013)

Food Team: (on hiatus)

Already a Transition Team

We start at the ‘roots’ to grow food and a sustainable, self-sufficient future by sharing information, encouragement and seeds.


Water Team: (active)

Now a Transition Team

To discuss and strategize about all water issues in the Morongo Basin

Contact Tim DeLorey at

Desert Wisdom Book Group: (dissolved)

Editors and experts have stepped forward to assist. Looking into online publishing plan.


Heart and Soul Team: (active)

Now a Transition  Team

To be a resource for deep spiritual exploration for our community,

In a way that compassionately and creatively brings greater inner peace and connectivity,

So that we will more effectively transition together.

Contact Eva Montville at, phone # 760-366-7890

Kids in Transition: (dissolved)

Work with children and teens to develop the skills and self-awareness necessary to help our community transition to a sustainable way of life. 

Does not yet have a contact person. 

Bike Group: (active, outside of Transition Joshua Tree)

Planning community outreach/surveys about bike use and issues.

Contact Stephanie Dashielle at

Neighborhood Network Group: (dissolved)

To network neighbors throughout the Morongo Basin, identifying the unique skills and resources that each individual has to offer 

In a way that is inclusive, respectful and fun 

So that our lives are enriched by an increased sense of security and connection.


Guerrilla Planning/Joshua Tree Beautification Group: (dissolved)

The name says it all. 


Energy Independence Group: (morphed into Water group)

Clean, renewable and local!

Contact Tim DeLorey at


High Desert Exchange Morongo Basin Community Bulletin Board: (not a Transition team; online)

 A place to give and take ideas, news and information as well as trade sundry repurposable refuse, organic food, general stuff, and services.