Permaculture Team Update

Permaculture Team meets at the Harrison House
Permaculture Team meets at the Harrison House

Highlights of the April 10, 2014 Permaculture Team Meeting:

The big issue of the evening centered on where the Team should be going. This is a huge subject, not only within itself, but also because there are so many members with various interests and different amounts of exposure to permaculture. Starting off the discussion was the result of a survey that was based on a list of various workshop subjects that had been proposed at the previous meeting.

We then realized that the time had come to learn more about each other’s properties, backgrounds and ideas for the Team. So we went around the circle, each person having the opportunity to speak for him/her self. This was a critical juncture for the new Permaculture Team. Out of the preceding chaos, simply by listening to each other, we could now sense it becoming more cohesive and connected.

From what was said, it was obvious that certain properties are more developed along permaculture principles than others, and those properties emerged as the focus of upcoming group tours.

From trying to find its path, the Team realized at this meeting that first much information has to be gathered. It does seem that matters are progressing well.


Team member Gregory Glenn spoke about his experience in Hawaii, in which he helped make a documentary about the famous permaculturalist Geoffrey Lawton’s work in establishing food production on the Islands. Hawaii is particularly vulnerable because it imports so much of its food from offshore. Gregory spent a portion of his time surfing and conversing with elders.


Finally, we experienced the incredible magic of sitting inside Harrison House while watching Eva Soltes’s wonderful documentary about the building of Harrison House, a straw bale structure.