General Members Meetings Info

Quarterly general membership meetings serve to confirm mission, yearly plans, broad changes and to brook dissent/resolve disputes. Additional general membership meetings can be called as needed by the Coordinating Council or by a request of at least 20% of the participating members. Supporting members are also welcome and encouraged to attend General Membership meetings, but only participating members will be allowed to vote for Transition Joshua Tree Officers, for “At Large” members of the Coordinating Council, or to terminate another person’s membership.

Participating Members: A participating member is a person who agrees with the objectives, principles, and provisions of the TJT Constitution; lives, works, worships, or studies in the Morongo Basin; and participates in a Working Team, a Project Team, an Affiliated Organization, or serves on the Coordinating Council.

Supporting Members: A supporting member is a person who generally agrees with the objectives, principles, and activities of Transition Joshua Tree; lives, works, worships, or studies In the Morongo Basin; but is unable at this point to regularly participate in a Working Team, Project Team, Affiliated Organization, or serve on the Coordinating Council. They are, however, willing to be asked to consider short-term volunteer opportunities in support of Transition.