Minutes for 5/25/17

Place: Dave’s house

Present: Jill, Mary, Isaiah, Manuela, Patty, Doug, Kristen, Dave, Janet, Debbie.

Facilitator: Dave Berumen

Minute Taker: Debbie Hopkins

Treasurer’s Report: Manuela-$376.20   with $42.00 to go to the CC

Team & Project Group Reports:

Enterprise Team: Manuela reporting: Her and & Isaiah will have a table at the Environmental Day in Palm Springs on June 6th. Dinner at the church was a success.

Water Group: No reporting

Heart & Soul: Jill reporting: they are studying ‘The Messy Truth’, deep listening skills

Permaculture: Dave Reporting: A successful tour of Buck Buckley’s water catchment system. Permaculture is hosting the next quarterly meeting with possibly putting it off until September when it’s a little cooler.

CC: Debbie reporting-Considering the Permaculture team putting off the quarterly, we will plan a purely social get together for the teams over the summer.


Action Items:

Jill and Manual will meet with Jennifer Jungwith to discuss Methodist Church demo garden. They will report back on feasibility of Permaculture team helping the Enterprise team with the garden at the Methodist church, to discuss budget, donations from local businesses and the community and projects for the garden including wicking beds.

Dave to send all Minutes starting with our reorganizing meeting to Jill. Jill will post them on the website. She will teach Dave and one other member how to do this.

The Permaculture Magazine that the team subscribes to to share, include a list of members attached to the cover so it continues to get passed to those who haven’t seen it. – Janet will do this.

Kristen will talk to the Joshua Tree library about subscribing to the Permaculture magazine and possibly having a permaculture related book section.


Potlucks a half hour before the meetings going forward.

The Permaculture magazine subscription the team has will be renewed.

A vote was taken on a proposal to permanently remove a disruptive member from the team. The vote was 9 in favor and 1 abstention. The proposal was approved.

The team is in favor of changing the word sustainable to regenerative on the Transition T-shirts.

Start taking pictures of the projects we do and field trips we go on, to create a vision board to display at quarterly meetings and events

Tips from members:

Russian Olive trees, though their fruit is only liked by the critters, are much higher nitrogen fixers than either Mesquite or Palo Verdes.

To get rid of grubs: Mix 1 t of dish soap, 1 t of oil and a quart of water. Either spray them or pour it on them.

If mulching with rocks, don’t put them directly next to the tree trunk, pile them higher at the ends and smaller rocks closer.

Lynn Road & Dusty Mile in Landers has a huge cache of rocks for the taking.

Next Business Meeting: Thursday, June 22nd, 5:00 at Kristen’s house-66539 Foothill, Joshua Tree

Minutes for 4/13/17 

Thursday April 13th, 2017 4-6pm

This was a business meeting with a short video at the end by Brad Lancaster giving a tour of his rainwater catchement systems on his property in Tuscon, AZ

Location:         Dave’s house

Present:           Dave, Debbie, Jill, Manuela, Maya, Edie

Facilitator:       Dave

Minutes:         Dave

Treasurer:        Manuela

Treasurer’s report: $395.20 $36 to CC.


  • Enterprise Team Indian Food Dinner – March 23rd 5-6pm – Joshua Tree Methodist Church
  • Earth Day Permaculture Booth – Aprill 22nd 9am-2pm – Yucca Valley Community Center
  • Global Day of Art – May 14th – Harrison House


  • Projects Committee (Maya, Eva, Kristin) has the authority to schedule and pick projects with local PDC folks.
  • Our table at the Quarterly Meeting will include permaculture books, resource pamphlet, photos of development projects, and booth displays
  • Next meeting is still being worked out by the Field Trip and Projects Committee – will let Dave know when plans are final.
  • Guidelines (aims and norms) have been modified.
  • Development Sessions will include a tour of the property that is being worked on and each participant will bring their own spade shovel if possible
  • Debbie and Dough are making progress on the New Member Packet with help from Susan.


  • Manuela will print photos for Quarterly Meeting
    • Jill and Dave will email all applicable photos (along with anyone else)
  • Dave will print Seed and Plant Resource pamphlet for Quarterly Meeting
  • Dave, Jill, Maya, and Manuela will bring permaculture related books to Quarterly Meeting
  • Manuel and Jill will transport booth displays to Quarterly Meeting
  • Edie will work on logo development
  • Jill will change website contact info to Dave’s number
  • Dave will email team to get volunteers for Earth Day booth at YV Community Center
  • Edie will pickup booth displays from Janet and drop off at Earth Day event
  • Dave will work on permaculture team tshirt layout and execution
  • Maya will contact Gretchen about burning silk screens
  • Jill will be stand-in social media person for Aili and get log-in info to Dave

Field Trip Proposals

  • Buck’s House – Tour of extensive rainwater harvesting systems
  • Whitewater Preserver – Middles Eastern type dovecot
  • Exotica Plant Nursery in Temecula
  • Garth’s Boulder Garden – tour of permaculture systems
  • Tuscon Swales Fall Camping Trip
  • Tour of Maya and Damien’s property

Potential Projects and Proposals

  • Grow Shack/Greenhouse construction at Eva’s property
  • In-ground wicking bed at Maya and Damien’s property
  • Thermophilic composting at Jill’s property
  • Boomerang Swale at Nicholas’s property
Minutes for 3/03/17

Friday, 2017 March 03, 3:00 to 5:00

This meeting is about revitalizing the Permaculture Team after it has become disorganized.

Location:         Janet’s house

Present:           Dave, Debbie, Doug, Eva, Glen, Greg, Isaiah,
Janet, Jesse, Jill, Kristin, Manuela, Maya, Susan

Facilitators:     Jill and Susan (From Heart and Soul Team)

Minutes:         Jesse

Treasurer:        Manuela

Treasurer’s report: $435 on hand after $36 to CC. No collection today.


Meetings: Business meetings and Development meetings

Education component at PT meetings

Projects: These would be the focus of some PT development meetings. Initially meetings will be at the house of a PT member with a Permaculture Design Certificate (“PDC”). (Eva, Maya, Jill, Greg.) In exchange for work, the team members get tutoring.

Field Trips: PT could share field trips with other TJT teams. Committee: Kristin and Manuela

Waste. This would be a subject for a field trip


Resource List:


Connection of PT to TJT:



Getting youth involved. Work with a school teacher for contact with student body, crowd funding of about $2000 for a scholarship to a PDC course for a graduating student.

  • A field trip to plan.


  • All PT members present today are voting members
  • Business and Development meetings will alternate every month
  • Business meetings will include a short video (10 – 12 minutes). Facilitator will publish notice of what we will see
  • Projects Committee (Maya) will talk to PDC members to plan projects.


  • Dave will Doodle for next meeting time. Development meeting will be at Jill’s on Vertical Mulching
  • PT members will email ideas for field trips to Manuela and Kristin
  • PT email list: Debbie will add Maya and Greg to the list. Facilitator needs access to the list to send out agendas, et c.
  • PT will work with H&S on facilitation training. H&S will call us when they are ready
  • Facilitator (Dave) will put Loomio info in email. Isaiah will give the info to Dave
  • Resource inventory. PT members will send Dave an inventory of their permaculture resources. Jill will send her book list.
  • New Member packet. Susan, Debbie, Doug and Jesse will create this
  • Outreach: Eva and Jill will work on the two projects discussed, Schools and Waste
  • Water Education Day (March 26) – Jill, Manuela, Susan, Janet & Isaiah


  • Louis – former member of PT, had a bad accident falling off his bike, breaking knee, elbow and collar bone. He is recuperating
  • Clay – former member of PT, has great permaculture background and knowledge. Maybe he could be interested in becoming involved again.


  • March 4 (Saturday) Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Monument wild flowers 51500 Hwy 74, Palm Desert
  • March 6 at 5:00 – essential oils workshop at the Water Store in YV (Isaiah & Manuela)
  • March 26 (Sunday) – Water Education Day at JBWD garden


  • April 1 (Saturday) – Glen has an art show at Taylor’s Junction in JT (next to yoga studio)
  • April 1 (Saturday) Harvest day at Cahuilla Tewanet Overlook on the Palms to Pines Highway (Hwy. 74). (Details at http://www.malkimuseum.org)
  • April 8 (Saturday) Feast at Malki Museum in Banning. $10 per person. Their website recommends reservation at (951) 849-7289. See malkimuseum.org/agaveharvest&roast.htm
  • April 22 (Saturday) – Earth Day event in Yucca Valley
  • April 22 (Saturday) MBCA landscape tours


  • May 14 (Sunday) (Mothers Day) Harrison House global day of art making and conservation honoring (Lou Harrison’s 100th birthday)


Year long hiatus occurred


Permaculture Team Minutes for 3/10/2016

Location: Patty’s house

Quorum?: yes

Present: Paula, Dave Berumen, Patty, Tim, Jill, Norman, Hannah, Louis, Eva S., Debbie, Debbie‘s guest “C”, Janet

Facilitator: Patty

Minute-Taker: Louis

Treasurer report: total of $18 collected

Team & Event Reports:

H&S studied the “Four Agreements.” With Eva Montville gone, need more members.

CC/ Team Enterprise: Transition 101 will be a series of 6 presentations. At the first one was guest speaker Seth Shteir then Joe Fairbanks spoke about TJT.

Reskilling Workshops coming; need presenters for these.

Lauren Ell’s Peace Symposium and farewell: Jill, I&M attended; Lauren spoke on marketing and branding. Also Joe Fairbanks and Sonny Sundowner.

Topics discussed:

Work Party March 5-6 at Eva Soltes’ house with Americorp volunteers plus Hiroko and Paula. Nicholas Holmes plumbed greywater to trees; Wolf & Dusty built composting toilet. Leveled 5 camping spots.

Intro to Permaculture Design with Warren Brush: A major event for the Morongo Basin to bring Warren here. Good publicity for Transition and especially the Permaculture Team. Team members will help with food preparation and clean-up. Voting members can attend the lecture “Why Permaculture” Friday April 15 at 7:30pm, no cost, Harrison House.

Team t-shirts: Decided individual members will supply their own shirts, to be silk-screened. Jill is doing the design. Dave’s wife does silk-screening. A committee of Jill, Patty, and Dave formed.

Proxy voting and email voting: Proxy voting is when you ask someone to vote on your behalf when you are unable to attend a meeting. Email voting is a direct vote. Both Heart & Soul and CC are using email voting. At the previous meeting Tim pointed out the need for a record when not voting in person, to avoid conflicting memories and hearsay. Some feel there’s a need to be able to react to opportunities or other issues in-between meetings. The team asked Louis to write up criteria for email voting. Both issues were continued for the next meeting.

A couple months ago some of our members watched a webinar by Neal Spackman. Here’s the contact info Hannah gave us:

Neil Spackman’s webinar on his work in Saudi Arabia can be replayed at http://www.sustainabledesignmasterclass.com/

The project website is AlBaydha.org and Neil’s website is http://www.twovisionspermaculture.com/

Presentation Summary:

Janet described growing Jerusalem Artichokes. Eaten raw, they produce gas; cooked not. Grows them potted and protected; can be purchased at Staters. Also grew Miners Lettuce which is indigenous to the soil and grows throughout California; prolific with watering; an excellent green.

Returning from her travels, Hannah Apricot Eckberg described her progress on the new quarterly Permaculture Magazine for North America. She wrote:

The website is www.PermacultureMag.org Some Articles are on website now. Subscriptions can be made now, and access the last 24 years of the parent magazine in digital form are free with that $25. (Permaculture.co.uk) Our first print one will be out June 1st, and then digital only subscriptions can be ordered at only $20/year. (also with the free archive.) It will come out 4 times a year.

Editorial guidelines are on the website if people want to submit articles for the website or magazine.

Reach her at 808-226-7003 or Hannah@PermacultureMag.org

She also attended Permaculture Voices 3, which focused on earning money in permaculture. While there also saw Darren Doherty’s film “Poly Faces—A world of many choices.” And visited the EcoFarm Conference in Asilomar CA.

Decisions Made:

Previous minutes approved? Yes

Voted Louis as interim Communications Person

New Team Meeting Guidelines voted in (formerly called “Norms”)

Voted to have Warren Brush’s workshop sent out on the CD’s gmail list with the P-Team as one of the sponsors.

Voted to contribute $200 to Warren Brush’s workshop. In return, voting members may attend the lecture “Why Permaculture?” at no cost.

Action Items:

Debbie and Norm to tell CC we need more informal social mixers

Louis to ask Seth to come to a Permaculture meeting to describe in detail current eco issues

Louis to write up criteria for email voting

Send Hannah our curated list of videos

Next meeting date: 3/24/2016

Location: Hiroko’s house

Facilitator: Norman

Minute-Taker: Louis

Permaculture Team Minutes for 2/25/2016

Patty’s house in Landers

Quorum?: Yes

Present: Louis, Norm, Patty, Tim, Isaiah, Manuela, Debbie, Mary

Facilitator: Patty

Minute-Taker: Louis

Treasurer report Manuela: $33 to CC; $625 for P-Team

Team Reports:

Transition Enterprise is trying out some time bank software

CC has not met; an email was forwarded from Seth Shteir about Nat’l Park Centennial legislation

Topics discussed:

Desert Peace Symposium February 28 5pm at Beatnik Lounge

Transition 101” March 2 6pm Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce

The value and limitations of Roberts Rules of Order

Proxy Voting/ Email Voting—tabled for further discussion

What to do with team kitty? Purchase hammermill or other ideas to benefit the team

Team T-Shirts—have a design contest?

Selecting the Communications person—next meeting

Stand Alone Rainwater Harvesting System—Patty is installing

Meet earlier like 5pm?

We selected who will lead each Permaculture Sub-committees (Tim is maintaining the master list of all members)

Biochar study group—Tim

Earth Bricks Building–Manuela

Permaculture Work Party–Mary

Seed ball group–Aili

Planting Calendar social media (Hi-Desert Farmers Almanac)–Isaiah

Field trips–Louis

Community Seed bank –- Clay

Presentation Summary:

Tim brought two Chaya seedlings, “Tree Spinach”, imported from Puerto Rico. Chaya Mansa. Has been compared to the Moringa Tree. The leaves are eaten like spinach, with a more nutty flavor than spinach. Have a higher nutrient profile, and is perennial. Typically grown in central Mexico and south. Can tolerate temperatures down to 32F. If they do well here, Tim says more could be available for other team members.

Decisions Made:

Previous minutes approved

Norman voted new CC rep to replace Eva S.

Team Guide” approved—this details the responsibilities of the four team positions

Team voted to support Eva S. work party at her house March 5 & 6

$100 approved for printing for Water Day and Earth Day

Action Items:

Next meeting date: March 10

Location: Patty’s house

Facilitator: Patty

Minute-Taker: Louis

Presentation: ?

Parking Lot additions:

Demo garden at Hi-Desert Cultural Center

Permaculture Team Minutes for February 11, 2016

Meeting Place: Patty Domay’s

Those present: Isaiah, Manuela, Norman, Louis, Diane, Debbie, Paula, Patty & Mary

8 voting members

Facilitator: Mary Mullaly

Minutes Taker: Debbie Hopkins

Treasury Report Manuela Hesslup: Permaculture $617.00

CC $26.00

Paula [lead the discussion on] “Revisiting the Norms;” suggested that the name be changed to Guidelines, Manners, Expected Behaviors in Meetings, Suggested Behaviors in Meeting, etc.

The new Guidelines as discussed are:

Permaculture Meeting Guidelines Draft

(Accepted by quorum at 2/11/16 meeting as a draft so they are open to feedback. Please talk to someone who was present to review how we came to these before you add/subtract/change something. We’ll put on the next agenda to adopt as final. We combined a few and subtracted ones that weren’t really about expected behaviors in meetings. Also, we decided to change “norms” to “guidelines”.  These are about standard behaviors that help meetings run more efficiently and pleasantly. For those who were there, I combined “stay on topic, speak succinctly” with “be considerate and respectful of others”. Hope that’s OK with all. Lastly, during the process we tied each one into permaculture! PJ)

  1. Be on time, start on time, end on time.

  2. Silence cell phones.

  3. Do what you say you’re going to do or ask for help.

  4. Be considerate and respectful of others, such as: speak for yourself, take turns, stay on topic, speak succinctly.

  5. Compost self-sabotage into nutrients for your creative life. (Notice how we hurt ourselves when we blame, judge, label or put down others. Prune and compost such thoughts until they become life-affirming ones for all.)

New Business: Louis & Norm wrote up a draft of a suggested new position of Communications Person. The draft suggests this person maintain the Google account, the email lists (at this point a discussion took place on making it only 3 lists and renaming them for clarity, they were voted on and passed:

  1. Frequent List

  2. Supporting Members

  3. Interested

Action Items:

Picking another rep to replace Eva Soltes on the Coordinating Council

Tim and Jill to follow up on contacts Paula Jeane made at CMC for a Permaculture Continuing Education class.

Send Pictures of any Permaculture event, your property, anything related to Aili so she can send it out on Instagram.  She hasn’t been getting any pictures from the team.

Louis to send out the draft he and Norman put together for the position guidelines for the team, to read over and hopefully vote on at the next meeting

Old Business:

Subcommittees of small Permaculture groups-Tim:

Permaculture Sub-committees:

Biochar Study Group, Earth Bricks Building, Permaculture Work Party,  Seed Ball Group, Field Trips, Community Seed Bank, Planting Calendar Social Media (Hi-Desert Farmers Almanac


Earth Day Event and JT Water Event-Rebecca Unger

Next Meeting is on February 25th at Patty Domay’s house in Landers

Facilitator: Patty Domay

Minute Taker: Louis Kannenberg

Permaculture Team Minutes January 28, 2016

Place: Debbie’s

Facilitator: Paula

Minutes taker: Debbie

Quorum: yes, 13 voting members present

Present: Paula, Debbie, Jill, Louis, Mary, Aili, Glen, Tim, Manuela, Isaiah, Patty, Norm, Clay, and new person Dave.

Treasurer’s Report: Manuela Permaculture $609 total

CC $18 to CC

Permaculture Principle Presentation:

Jill shared the latest planning for her property and answered questions. She talked about sponge swales and always having a water overflow plan.

Agenda review of 1/14/16 minutes:

Jill proposed and it was approved to add Janet’s resignation to minutes of 1/14/16

Team & Event Reports:

Heart and Soul is working on the quarterly meeting for 1/30/16.

Water reported about trip to Cadiz—saw the organic farm, but didn’t change their mind about the advisability of tapping the aquifer there for water dev’t.

CC is working on team development as new members come in and become familiar with the other teams.

Enterprise reported about the squash served at the Local Foods event

Jill and Tim reported about the water harvesting event coming up

Old Business:

Changes to the minutes of previous meetings were discussed and changes voted on. Louis will update the changes on the TJT website.

The team was reminded we need another CC rep to replace Eva S soon.

Tim presented his idea about Special Project Development, subcommittees of small groups to investigate a special Permaculture interest of theirs; ex. Field trips, High Desert Farmer’s Almanac, Community Seed Bank, House to House Work Teams. Earth Bricks, etc.

It was also noted that the minutes should be sent out after the meeting and it’s the members’ responsibility to read them by the next meeting and if approved at that time they are closed.

The results of the Permablitz at MDLT has been a successful dry lands garden. The plants are now established and need minimal care.

New Business:

Proposed and approved: the Permaculture team will have a table at the Earth Day event at the YVCC on April 16th and the Water Event in Joshua Tree. Isaiah and Manuela will be the lead on both these events.

Jill proposed and it was approved that another team position, a coordinating or communications person, be added to the team. The responsibilities of this person would be to keep up the email lists: voting/ frequent, supporting, and interest group; and update the TJT website with Permaculture items. Jill will train the person in this position.

It was also suggested that a list of guidelines the facilitator and minutes taker also be written up for clarity. Louis and Norman have agreed to work on that. They can contact Paula about the H&S new member packet for examples.

Jill went over the permaculture presentation for the general meeting on Saturday.

Proposed and approved, the Bottle Brick Project is a special project committee and therefore sanctioned by the Permaculture Team.

Action Items:

Picking another rep to replace Eva Soltes on the Coordinating Council

Tim and Jill to follow up on contacts Paula Jeane made at CMC for a Permaculture Continuing Education class.

Tim to email out a list of special projects.

Send pictures of any Permaculture event, your property, anything related to Aili so she can send it out on Instagram. She hasn’t been getting any pictures from the team.

Louis to update approved minutes on the website.

Louis will import all the names into the Voting Member List and the Interest List

Louis and Norm to work on guidelines for the facilitator and minutes taker; contact Paula re H&S new member packet for examples.

Isaiah and Manuela: Earth Day event at the YVCC on April 16th and the Water Event in Joshua Tree

Parking Lot:

Biochar Demo

Permaculture Video Making Team specific to the high desert.

TJT special project group to do research on and educate all TJT members about local issues. Permaculture needs a representative.



 TJT Permaculture Team Minutes, 1/14/16

Location – Paula Jeane’s

Facilitator – Paula Jeane

Minute Taker – Crystal Wysong

Treasurer – Manuela Hesslup

Revised minutes to reflect the following:

Old Biz #3: list all the members of that project team – Tim, Jill, Eva S. and Paula.

Old Biz #4 : list all the members of that project team – Manuela, Isaiah and Hiroko.

New Biz #1: Mary and Louis also volunteered for the Facilitator rotation.


Quorum achieved. 13 voting members present.


Minutes of 12/10/15 were approved with the following changes to be made:

Jill will add to the minutes that “Glen’s Downtown Joshua Tree plan was presented.”


Treasurer’s Report: $11 for the CC, $600 in Permaculture treasury


Agenda Review – Nothing was added


Old Action Items (not yet completed)

Paula will lead us in redoing group norms during first meeting in February


New Action Items (to be completed before next meeting)

Jill – add to Minutes of 12/10/15 that “Glen’s Downtown Joshua Tree plan was presented.”

Paula – send voting member list with names and phone #s to Manuela

Manuela – update voting member list to include Norm (last name?) and Diane Owens and email to voting members.

Jill – send current group norms, which are on google drive, to all voting members upon receipt of revised voting member list.

Eva S. – to obtain name of the group that has a petition to block access to the water rights that were given to a solar company by the county.

Louis – his version of minutes for three meetings prior to the meeting of 1/14/16 are to be emailed to all voting members for review.

Jill – email StarHawk5 Empowerment Manual for successful group meetings, which recommends rotating facilitators to avoid one facilitator becoming too powerful.

All members – review Louis’ version of minutes for three meetings prior to the meeting of 1/14/16 and be prepared to approve at next meeting

All members – send your input to Jill for Permaculture presentation at Quarterly Meeting 1/30/16

All members – come to next meeting with ideas for special project groups

All members – when sending Permaculture emails cc all voting members; bcc all interest list members


Permaculture Presentation

Eva S. – gave a Permaculture presentation about Using Edges and Value Margins with a musical introduction by Formidable Vegetable



CC – no report

Heart & Soul – Crystal

Heart and Soul is working on the Transition Quarterly Meeting presentation

Enterprise – Crystal

The Enterprise Group is in the process of starting a TimeBank. They are also planning to have regular Freecycle events. The first one will be at the Transition Quarterly Meeting on 1/30/16. Food Group monthly vegan meal/produce giveaway is Squash Sunday on 1/24/16.

Water – Tim & Crystal

The water group went back to Cadiz Farm to glean produce. This produce will be used by the Food Group at their monthly giveaway on 1/24/16 and others in the future. Some produce was also donated to a Morongo Basin church that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. Tim expanded on what is taking place at Cadiz Farms in terms of water rights and the possible sale of their water to an Orange County Water District.


Old Biz

  1. Permaculture Team will host Water Harvesting Workshop Proposal by Tim and Jill. It is on Saturday, March 19, from 10am – 5:30pm. $60 ($50 to members) including lunch.
  2. It was proposed that we email minutes within a week of the meeting. Minutes are to be approved/amended by 80% of attendees at the next meeting. Jill will post minutes (after approval by voting members at the meeting) on website. Approved.
  3. It was proposed that a small project team be created to explore/investigate the possibility of a Copper Mountain College Community Education Course in Permaculture. This would take place in the fall of 2016 and be a one or two day class. This requires a proposal to be created. Members of this project team are Jill, Tim, Eva S, and Paula. Jill and Tim are to be the contacts. Approved.
  4. It was proposed that a small project team be created for the Eco Brick/Earth Bench project. This team is to address issues regarding the Bricks/Bench and educate the rest of the Permaculture Group. Members of this project team are Isiah, Manuela, and Hiroko. Approved.


New Biz

  1. Five members volunteered to rotate facilitation of meetings: Paula, Eva S, Crystal, Patty, Hiroko. Paula volunteered to facilitate the next meeting on 1/28/16.
  2. Five members volunteered to rotate minute-taking: Paula, Mary, Crystal, Debbie, Norman. Debbie volunteered to take minutes at the next meeting on 1/28/16.
  3. Tim suggested the Team create some special groups similar to what the Water Group does: Field Trips, Cistern/Rainwater Catchment, Water Ethics, etc.
  4. It was proposed that the Glen Howard documentary be screened by the Permaculture group before a vote is taken on whether or not to sponsor a public screening. Approved.


Tabled to next meeting

Approval of Louis’ version of minutes for three meetings prior to the meeting of 1/14/16


Parking Lot

Redoing group norms

New CC Rep to replace Eva S.

Permaculture table at Earth Day YVCC

Biochar demo

Team You Tube project (making our own videos)

Special project group representative from Permaculture group is needed to work with a representative from each of the Transition JT groups to do research on and to educate all Transition members about local issues that are affecting the area



Paula – reminded us to speak carefully and create harmony


Next Meeting

Thursday, January 28, at Debbie Hopkins’ house (need address and directions) from 6-9pm. Bring food, drink and utensils. Jill will do Permaculture presentation.


Team voted to note in these Minutes that Janet Tucker had resigned from the Team in December 2015.





TJT Permaculture Team Minutes, 12/10/15

Location – Janet’s house

Facilitator – Janet Tucker

Minute Taker – Jill Giegerich

Treasurer – Manuela Hesslup (not present, Eva S. substituted)


Quorum achieved. 12 voting members present.


Minutes of 10/22/15, 11/5/15, 11/24/15 approved with the following changes to be made:

Minutes of 11/5/15 – change Paula Deane to Paula Jeane, change Eva Montville to “facilitator for 2 meetings of the CC”.


Treasurer’s Report: $7 collected for the CC, $7 collected for the team kitty. Manuela needs to verify the totals with Eva S. upon her return.


Agenda Review –

Items Added:

Clarification of bottle brick project – Jill

Change Cob Oven agenda item to Water Harvesting – Jill

Posting to our webpage – Jill

Approving the Minutes – Louis


Old Action Items (not yet completed)

Paula to talk to CMC about extension course in Permaculture


New Action Items (to be completed before next meeting)

Mary – get name of solar company that is allegedly trying to buy up water rights in JT.

Mary and Janet – go to Garth’s and get tour date of 12/17.

Tim – visit Enterprise group and report back

Janet – inform Hiroko of property walk about prior to team meetings at hosts house.

Janet – ask Paula to lead us in re-doing our group norms at the next meeting.


Permaculture Presentation

Eva S. played a song as teaser to her “Edges” presentation at next meeting.

Hannah – gave a presentation about her experiences at the 12th International Permaculture Convergence in London.



CC report – Eva S.

Eva has finished the new members book for the CC. The CC did not meet since our last meeting.

Water group report – Tim

The water group went on a tour of the Cadiz farm. Learned a great deal about the hydrology there and their farming methods.



Old Biz

  1. Clarifying our voting procedure – Jill. Discrepancy in the minutes on the decision to change our voting procedure. Louis clarified that the team mistakenly voted on 70% rather than 80%. Proposal passed to have an 80% vote to pass decisions and proposals.
  2. Trip to Garth’s – Janet and Mary will go there to get a tour date of 12/17/15.
  3. Election of new CC rep for our team – Team voted that Debbie Hopkins will be our new rep. Eva S. is stepping down in January. We will need to elect a second rep at that time or before.
  4. Permie team member to visit Enterprise group and report back – Tim will do it.
  5. Hiroko asks for permie team to visit her land to give her permaculture advice – We go back to the way the team use to do it. When a team member hosts a meeting, the team will use the first half hour to walk the property and give feedback. Janet will communicate this to Hiroko.
  6. Water Harvesting Workshop Proposal by Tim and Jill. Team voted approval to host this workshop. Details of the workshop have been put in our Google Drive.
  7. Bottle brick making clarification – Jill. Team clarified that this is not a team project.


New Biz

  1. Possible new group norm “Don’t take things personally” – Janet. Team discussed this addition. Eva S.  read Paula’s email on the subject. Jill proposed that we re-do the norms entirely and that the next meeting be dedicated to this. Approved. Janet will ask Paula to lead us on this.
  2. Glen presented his architectural design proposal for downtown Joshua Tree. Glen made a proposal that he periodically bring in his architectural design for downtown JT for feedback from the team. Jill amended the proposal (accepted by Glen) that we have a new policy whereby once every 6 weeks one of us can bring in their own permaculture related design for a 30 minute feedback session from the group. Notify Janet if you would like to present a design. First come, first served. Proposal approved.
  3. Redesigning the team webpage – Jill. Jill explained that we try not to ask Martine to make webpage changes for us. She was incorrect to tell Charla to contact Martine about making those changes. Aili knows WordPress (our website format) and can get a login from Martine. Jill knows WordPress as well and can train a team member in it.
  4. How to approve minutes – Louis. Ran out of time. Tabled.


Tabled to Future Meeting

How to approve Minutes – Louis


Parking Lot

Biochar demo

Team Youtube project (making our own videos)

Earthbench project


Summary of Procedural Decisions Made

  1. Our voting procedure is an 80% majority vote of the quorum present to pass a proposal.
  2. Debbie Hopkins has been elected as our new CC representative.
  3. Every 6 weeks, a team member may present his/her permaculture related design to the team for feedback. 30 minutes max allocated to this. See the facilitator to sign up for this.
  4. Once there is enough daylight, we will spend the first 30 minutes of our meetings giving permaculture feedback on the host’s property.


Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 23, Patty Domay’s House for Christmas Party, 6-9, 2937 Acoma Trail, easiest route is North on 247, turn right on Linn Road, turn left on Acoma Trail. Bring food, drink and utensils. No need to bring chairs, Patty has lots of them.






TJT Permaculture Team Minutes, 11/24/15

Location – Janet’s house

Facilitator – Janet Tucker

Minute Taker – Jill Giegerich

Treasurer – Manuela Hesslup (not present, Eva S. substituted)


Quorum not achieved.


Minutes of 10/22/15 and 11/5/15 not approved for lack of quorum.


Treasurer’s Report: $92 for the CC, $568 for the team


Agenda Review – 3 items added (in green text)


New Action Items (to be completed before next meeting)


            Confirm date for field trip to Garth’s.


Permaculture Presentation

Robert gave a talk on the permaculture principle “ Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services”



CC report – Eva S.

Eva continues to finish up work on the New Members Handbook for the CC. She will be stepping down in January.

Louis pointed out the Panic Grass meeting was not a Transition event, and therefore was not a CC issue.


Field Trip to the Victorville Recycling Center Report: Janet


Old Biz


  1. The team instragram and Youtube accounts are up and running. Send things to be posted to Aili. Also, if you already have an account with fb, you can ask Aili to make you an Editor so that you can post things directly on our fb page.
  2. Our team page on the TJT website – Send pics and text to be posted to Eva Soltes.
  3. Six Plants Demo garden – Janet says Mojave Land Trust interested.
  4. Team Youtube project (making our own videos) – Janet asked this go the Parking Lot
  5. Election of new CC rep – hopefully Debbie will be present at the next meeting and we will have a quorum to make the election.
  6. Neonicotoids at Home Depot – Janet reports that HD stopped using growers who use this chemical last June.
  7. Permablitz – Louis reported that the Mojave Land Trust has asked that the Permablitz Team move some plants to make way for a sculpture.


New Biz

  1. Team fb page – Jill explained that there is no password to post on this page. You must first have your own fb account. Then you ask Aili to make you an Editor so that your posts will appear on the main part of the page. You can also just send Aili stuff that you would like posted and she will do it.
  2. New group norms – postponed until we have quorum
  3. Janet encourages members to visit other Transition teams and report back
  4. Hiroko would like team members to visit her house for permaculture advice
  5. Proposal for a 2 day Drylands Permaculture workshop taught by Tim and Jill – Postponed. Eva is organizing a similar workshop at Harrison House with Warren Brush.
  6. Cob pizza and bread oven building workshop – Jill and Tim would like to run one. Still working out the details. Will present the proposal soon.
  7. Desert Permaculture Webinar coming up – Jill announced that a free webinar by Neal Spackman of Al Bayda Permaculture project is happening on Monday, Nov. 30. If you would like to participate in it with others, Janet will be hosting it at her house. Starts at 12 pm. Please arrive by 11:30. Bring chair and snack.


Parking Lot

Biochar demo

Team Youtube project (making our own videos)

New group norms


No Decisions were made at this meeting for lack of a quorum.



TJT Permaculture Team Minutes, 11/5/15

Location – Hiroko’s house

Facilitator – Paula Jeane

Minute Taker – Jill Giegerich

Treasurer – Manuela Hesslup


Quorum achieved.


Treasurer’s Report: $97 for the CC, $575 for the team



This meeting was solely dedicated to a full airing of all the issues surrounding Louis Kannenberg’s resignation as one of the team’s two representatives to the TJT Coordinating Council. Eva Soltes (as the team’s second CC representative) and Eva Montville (facilitator for two meetings of the CC) spoke on behalf of the CC. Only voting members of the team were present at this meeting.


Meeting adjourned.


TJT Permaculture Team Minutes, 10/22/15

Location – Janet’s house

Facilitator – Janet Tucker

Minute Taker – Jill Giegerich (Jill also resigned as minute taker)

Treasurer – Manuela Hesslup


Quorum achieved.


Last Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report: $86 for the CC, $563 for the team


Agenda Review – 3 items added (in green text)


New Action Items (to be completed before next meeting)



Send Susan Jordan’s email to Aili


Set up a gmail account for the team – tjtpermacultureteam@gmail.com


Inform CC that the team voted that the CC can write and/or sign advocacy letters on behalf of TJT without having to get the approval of the teams.


Email Louis concerning the next meeting.


Contact all CC members and Eva and Kathy to request their attendance at next meeting.


Send group norms list to all voting members.


Janet, Manuela, Hiroko and Mary:

            Visit Garth’s to set up a team field trip.



Set up an Instagram account for the team under name Transition Joshua Tree Permaculture Team and contact Susan Jordan to shut down old TJT Instagram account.


Look into setting up a team Youtube account.


Talk with Martine about the website.



Send group norms list to Janet.



Contact CMC to start dialog about a permaculture course.



Work with Martine and Aili to put her soil web presentation on the website.


Decisions Made


  1. The team will use Instagram
  2. We will never put addresses on the TJT website
  3. The CC can endorse and or write advocacy letters on behalf of TJT without a vote from the teams
  4. We will shoot for electing a new CC rep on Tuesday, Nov. 24 (Thursday, Nov. 26 meeting cancelled due to Thanksgiving).
  5. The team will always make its voting members contact info available to the TJT Communications Director.
  6. Our next meeting on Nov. 12 will be devoted to fully airing all the issues concerning our CC representative’s resignation.


Old Biz


  1. Aili gave an Instagram presentation. Full consensus that she set up an account for the team.


  1. Field trip discussion postponed. Determined that there was a quorum at the last meeting when this item came up.


  1. Aili will look into what it takes to set up a Youtube account for the team.


  1. Six Plants Demo Garden – Still looking for location.


  1. CC agenda policy for General Membership meetings. Full consensus that Janet give feedback to CC that the policy be changed to a 1 week in advance deadline.


  1. Full consensus that we never put any meeting place address on the TJT website.


  1. Hiroko’s bottle stuffing party is at 5 pm, Nov. 8. Potluck. 9252 Joshua Lane, Yucca Valley.


  1. Full consensus that the CC can write and or sign advocacy letters without needing a vote from the other teams.


New Biz


  1. Janet announced that Louis has resigned from the CC. We will shoot for electing a new CC rep on Tuesday, Oct. 24. The Thursday meeting for that week has been changed to Tuesday because it falls on Thanksgiving. In the meantime, members should review the list of CC responsibilities and consider the possibility of entering the election. Those interested can visit a CC meeting. Dates of meetings and contact person are on the TJT website calendar. They should be prepared to talk to the team about what they’d like to bring to the CC.


  1. Janet announced that our next meeting will be an attempt to cover all the CC issues of our CC representative’s resignation. Janet will ask all members of the CC and Eva and Kathy to attend. This meeting will be for voting members only.


  1. Charla expressed her concerns over Louis’s resignation and her interest in getting full disclosure at our next meeting.


  1. Jill suggested to Janet that agenda items always have the name of the person presenting the item.


  1. Jill proposed that the Permaculture Team always make its voting members list available to the TJT Communications Director – currently Susan Jordan. Full consensus affirmative.


Postponed Agenda Items


  1. Facebook page – Jill
  2. New group norms – Jill, Janet, Paula
  3. Permie’s visit other teams and report back


Parking Lot

Biochar demo


Next meeting at Hiroko’s house. 9252 Joshua Lane, Yucca Valley.


Meeting adjourned.



Permaculture Minutes from Meeting of 10/08/2015

 Location: Janet’s House

Minute Taker: Debbie Hopkins

 Treasurer’s Report:           CC: $ 31.00, Permaculture: $506.00

$84.00 had been set aside to pay Eddie Tucker for the models he made for the group. He donated the models, and it was informally agreed to split the money with the CC, $42 for each.

 Permaculture Hour:

Talk on One of the Many Permaculture Principles: Value and Use Diversity .

Janet talked on Value and Use Diversity. She mentioned monoculture vs. ecosystems, growing many varieties of annual veges instead of just one, trying unusual foods, like loquats, carob, persimmons, Purslane, Yucca flowers, dates & nopales, allowing for different insects, like ants..

Future Talks:

10/22 -Robert to talk on Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

11/5- Eva Soltes to talk on Use Edges and Value Margins

11/19 – Mary Mullaly to talk on Creatively Use and Respond to Change

The topic Design from Patterns to Details is still unclaimed

Glen Small gave a progress report on the Downtown Joshua Tree Project

 EVERYONE: Please contact Home Depot to discontinue the use of Neonicotinoids. In July 2014 they announced that they would limit the use of them and label plants that contained them but these plants are still carried there

 Transition Time:


Team and Event Reports:

CC has not met since our last meeting.

The Food Team put on the first food giveaway and monthly dinner and it was a great success. Besides the garden the Farmer’s Market had donated produce. Planting of the autumn garden at the Methodist Church is starting and needs volunteers. Several of the Food Group met with High Schoolers and several have volunteered for community service credits.

Open Spaces: has been put on hold to a later date.

Action Items:

Aili to attend next CC meeting re: meeting with Martine about webpage.

Aili to talk at next meeting on Instagram

Charla to contact Martine and Aili for putting her soil microbe presentation on website

Eva to give Permaculture Team Report at the Quarterly Potluck, November 1

Old Business:

Field Trip Ideas: Voting members rated them—the result in order of preference:

  1. Garth
  2. Buck’s Buzzard Roost
  3. Bonita Domes & 29 Palms Vegetable Garden (one trip)
  4. Jill, Diane & Patty’s gardens
  5. Previous clients of Jill & Tim’s

Hannah Apricot’s talk to be rescheduled later.

Panic Grass: Eva talked on the Panic Grass Experiment to see if it can be reintroduced to grow in washes, etc. This variety grows near Barstow and was grown in several kinds of soil and given to many people to propagate with no rules, just good note taking on what they did and what did/didn’t work. Panic Grass retains the soil with it’s rhizomes, the seeds are edible and it spreads through its roots . These plants were grown by the Horticulture department at Victorville College.

Louis read his amended writing on the discussion for the Quarterly Meeting. It does need to go into the issues but needs to also be readable. Joe’s was a draft for feedback, and generally felt, unreadable. We need more information.

YouTube Videos from the Permaculture Team-Aili, Louis, etc. (who else are the members?)

New Business:

Eagle Mountain Issue

Parking Lot:

Biochar Demonstration


Minutes Permaculture Meeting September 25, 2015

Treasurer’s Report:           Permaculture $544.00

CC $21.00

 Team & Event Reports:

Eva-Dues to CC have been to pay the communications director and website. They would like the okay to expand dues to cover other administration costs as well. A vote was taken and it was approved.

Lous-Eva is revising and updating the CC orientation book that Beth put together

Permaculture Talk: Charla Shamhart gave a great talk on Growing Microbes for Gardens and Permaculture

Action Items:

Aili will attend the next CC meeting to meet with Martine about the webpage. Anything that goes through TJT needs to be approved by the CC.

Charla will contact Martine and Aili to put her presentation on the website

Aili to talk at the next meeting on Instagram.

Janet to bring the voting member list to the next meeting.

Janet to send a copy of the Field Trip list to all voting members.

All voting members to rate Field Trip ideas (No. 1 being the first choice), and bring sheet to the next meeting.

Paula to talk to CMC about an extension course in Permaculture.

CC Agenda Policy. Discussion-Joe’s is too wordy, Louis’s too sketchy. Both to be sent out to everyone for review.

Old Business:

Robert completed the Permaculture sign for the MDLT and has been paid.

Mike Branning moving to MDLT isn’t going to happen.

6 Plants Demo Garden: The Methodist Church is still a possibility. The Board of the Church is interested. Other locations suggested are CMC and JBWD (and MDLT).

Tortoise Island rock mulch project is a no go. Linda Perry’s partner is angry about the maintenance of it and concerned about mulching bringing in more weeds.

New Business:

Permaculture Principles: Janet to talk on Value and Use Diversity at the next meeting. Robert has volunteered to talk on Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services. Eva has volunteered to talk on Use Edges and Value Margins. The two remaining subjects are Creatively Use and Respond to Change and Design From Patterns to Details.

October 11 at 6:00 a tentative plan for Hannah Apricot to give a Permaculture talk

There is a Water Team mixer at Pappy and Harriet’s on October 15th at 6:00. Joe Fairbanks band Mojave Sky will play at 8:00

Panic Grass Project: Meeting on October 8th at 9:00 a.m.

TJT Permie Youtubes Project: Form an Action Team!

CC Agenda Policy Review: Joe’s is too wordy, Louis’ too sketchy. Needs something in the middle.

Parking Lot:

Field Trip Suggestions:

_____ Jill



_____ Garth’s

_____Bonita Domes

_____ clients of Tim and Jills

_____ Buck (Buzzards Roost)

_____ 29 Palms veggie garden


Approve expanded use of CC funds.

Approve formal quorum taking at the beginning of each quarterly potluck (whether or not a decision is imminent).

Approve formal quorum taking at the beginning of each permaculture meeting.


Minutes Permaculture Meeting September 10, 2015

(No minutes were found for this meeting.)



Permaculture Team Meeting Minutes 8/27/2015

Janet’s house
Facilitator: Louis
Minutes: Debbie

Attending: Isaiah & Manuela Hesslup, Louis Kannenberg, Eva Soltes, Paula Jeane, Janet Tucker, Crystal Wysong, Debbie Hopkins

Treasurer’s Report: Manuela  $156.00 to CC and $521.00 to Permaculture

Eva gave an impromptu Permaculture talk and we discussed lasagna mulching (160 degrees) and referencing Gaia’s Garden as a good resource.


Sunday concert at Harrison House, a string quartet honoring the Armenian Genocide

Sunday a matinée at Theatre 29, a play directed by Eddie Tucker The Man from Earth that also runs for the next couple of weeks on Friday & Saturday nights

Story of a Navajo Veteran to be played this evening behind Pie for the People as a film every Thursday evening

Saturday from 9-4 a workshop on Earthen floor and a composting toilet

Paula to have a Somatic Meditation class, based on body awareness, date to be announced

The Annual Cancer Alternative Nutrition event Sept. 5th, 6th and 7th at the Universal Studio Sheraton, $40.00 a day

Robin Kobali is holding a native plants event in the Morongo Basin October 10th

Charla would like to demonstrate extracting cactus apple juice at a future Permaculture meeting.

Parking Lot;

No previous action items


Coordinating Council-Heart & Soul nominated Susan Jordan as rep., replacing Beth St. John who is leaving the area.

Open Space Event:  Center for Healthy Generations on Sunnyslope off 247 in YV is looking for a Permaculture talk in exchange for hosting the event free.

The Instagram account is on hold, under review by TJT, the Permaculture Team could have it’s own account.

The Enterprise Team is voted in and needs more than one facilitator, Joe Fairbanks is taking on too much, we don’t want him to burn out!

Action Items:

The CC developing an Orientation notebook; maybe an orientation notebook for the Permaculture Team could be developed.

Planning an informal mixer for all the Transition Teams

Permablitz: the Mesquite trees should be pruned of 1/3 of the branches, summer or fall is okay for this.

Robert has wood for the sign and should be asked to have it by  the next meeting or we’ll make other arrangements

The Video Club was a smashing success. Eva has a large list of Permaculture videos and recommended viewing the list.  Aili & Janet to put videos in order to make sense.

Get the password for the Permaculture Facebook page.

Talk to the CC about all groups should start with “Transition” Ex. Transition Joshua Tree Enterprise Team in the naming of Facebook groups.

New Discussions:

Turtle Island: there is no mulch used.  All the plants are on drip and we could rock mulch around the plants.  There are 14 different owners but most don’t care.  Nancy in the JT Health Food Store is a good friend of the designer Judy Marchan.  Janet to talk to Linda Perry, Nancy & Judy Marchan.


Sending all members an email asking them to save clean, dry trash to make Cob benches.

Janet to talk to MDLT about moving Mike Branning.


Minutes for the Permaculture Team meeting 7/23/2015

Janet’s house


Minute Taker-Debbie


Time Keeper-none

We all met at Janet Tucker’s house at 6:00 and carpooled over to Damian’s for a tour of Damian’s Permaculture setup at his house and Paula Jeane’s.  Lots of things to see and ideas to take in.

Previous Action Items:

Tim to ask Jill about using old Permaculture Facebook page. Done.

Aili-Instagram.  Done.


Video Club will meet this Thursday, the 28th at Aili’s for a potluck and video viewing.  And most Thursdays thru the summer except for team meeting night Aug. 27.

There is a Hands on Native seed cleaning workshop at the MDLT on August 14th from 2-4.  Seating is Limited! Please RSVP ASAP or by August 12th to: Lesley Hughes at lesley@mojavedesertlandtrust.org or 760-366-5440
Lesley recommends RSVPing  ASAP as they only have the capacity to seat 38 attendants!

The CC met yesterday (7/22) Louis, Beth, Joseph Fairbanks, Joe Gibson.  Info packets for the new CC reps will be available soon.

After the site visit at Damian’s and Paula’s we met back at Janet’s house for an unabbreviated meeting until 10:00.

Decisions made:

By vote it was decided that the proceeds from the Quarterly Meeting raffle, $247.00,  will be split evenly between the CC and the Permaculture Team

And by vote, the following positions were decided for the coming year [starting in Sept.]:

Facilitator-Janet Tucker

Minute Taker-Debbie Hopkins

Treasurer-Manuela Hesslup

Our next site tour will be at Isaiah and Manuela’s. Later cancelled because they’ll be on vacation.

Glen Small brought up his ideas on restoring downtown Joshua Tree.  Though this is currently being done he finds it is lacking in design compatibility with the nature which surrounds it. It is inevitable that Joshua Tree will change, but how it changes is the issue.  Getting local artists, sculptors, musicians involved, the MDLT and all the Transition Teams. A lively discussion ensued. Glen could draw the plans but a community meeting with the owners, renters, and users would be a start and a feasibility study.  A previous email was sent out by Glen detailing his ideas.



Place:  Aili’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $422  [$28 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendees:  Hiroko, Jan
Returning:  Glen, Crystal

Isaiah – 7th Day Adventist Church movie screening:  “Fed Up”, 6:00, on Tuesday, June 30; vege meal.
Manuela – Lemon Lily Festival at Idyllwild on July 11/12

Agenda Review

Action Items
Janet to contact I/M re photos for relevant news articles for web.
Tim to ask Jill about using old Permaculture Facebook page.
Aili to talk to Martine and Susan about setting up Instagram for TJT.

CC:  Communications are critical for connecting teams.
Permablitz:  Watering continues until October, when schedule slows to twice a month with same rotation.  Vickie asks that we undue and redo soaker hose when watering (near Agaves on west side).
Open Space Event:  Set for November, first choice for location is the MDLT

Decisions Made
Permaculture Team Report by Isaiah at Quarterly to be between 5-7 minutes.
The new Permaculture Beat-The-Heat Viewing Club will commence at Aili’s house at 12:00 noon on Thursday, July 2.
I/M can use tabletop models for church camp.
Within the Permaculture Team, the Quorum is set at “a simple majority.”
The new Voting standard is set at 70%.

Old Business:
Quarterly Potluck:  Robert volunteered to herd the people back inside after the planting bed tour.  Contributions to Raffle (Opportunity Drawing):  Aili-Olla, I/M-Essential Oils, Damian-Tree, Janet-Bread, Nicholas-1 gal of biocompatible soap, Diane-container garden, Land Trust-tote and hat, Patty-Cake.  Also, members can sell their own wares.  We don’t need a parking director. [Update–Vicki does want parking–Louis will.] Bring available chairs. Volunteers for cleanup:  Hiroko, Patty, Crystal, Bruce and Louis.  OTHER STUFF TO DO/BRING (in addition to food and aforementioned):
Everyone bring any chairs and table lanterns; Mary will sell raffle tickets; Aili will bring cutlery, signs for six plants; Debbie will bring cucumber, etc. water; Diane will bring ice planting bed signs; Janet will bring projector screen, jujube, tabletop models, plates, tables, mesquite pods, mesquite minimuffins, Eva’s solar lights and a pv branch; Charla will bring fig, prickly pear; Eva will bring PV pods; Robert will bring sign; I/M will bring Eva’s water urn.
Joseph Fairbanks will bring his amplifier for the PA system.
We arrive at the Land Trust as early as 3:30 for setup.

New Business:  
Facebook:  Per Tim, we could possibly co-opt Jill’s old Permaculture Facebook page.  Tim will ask Jill. Transition Joshua Tree already has Facebook page and Twitter.
Instagram:  Is photo-based social media.  It has a greater reach than Facebook and is popular with the younger crowd.  Aili could set it up. She will talk to Martín and Susan to set Instagram for TJT.

Fast and furious summary by Janet of Introduction to Robin Kobaly’s talk on Uses of Native Plants.  More to come.

Next Team Meeting at Debbie’s house:  Thursday, July 23, at 6:00 pm.




Place:  Debbie’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $409   [$15 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendee:  Paula Jeane

Paula – Aloe Party at Paula’s Dome, discount on healing services, rice and beans, bring other food, repot and take home some aloe vera, 6-9pm, Sunday, 6-14
Janet – Has Marenga seeds to give away; is also growing a new useful plant, Desert Four O’Clock (Mirabilis multiflora), gigantic tap root that accumulates minerals (like Comfrey), grows about 18” high and up to 6’ wide, great ground cover, covered with purple flowers every afternoon during the summer.
Tim – Has Water Team Bumper Stickers (“Water Is Life”) for use as fund-raiser item.
Patty – Sunset Mag item on Permaculture; ollas for sale in the mag.
Isaiah – 7th Day Adventist Church movie screening:  “Fed Up”, 6:00, on Tuesday, June 30; vege meal.

Agenda Review

CC:  Discussed communications re Susan Jordan (Communication Director).  She has critical role in contacting teams.  Trying to smooth operations.  At the Quarterly Meeting, each member of the CC will be presenting a talk.
Open Space Event:  Paula will facilitate next project meeting.  CC is coordinating financing.
Permablitz:  Continues with summer watering and into fall.  After Permie meeting, there will be a “Blitz” meeting.
Clay Elam’s Lecture:  At Lucerne Valley Museum Association.  I&M and C&M attended.  Subject of talk was the farming practices of the Cahuilla and Hohokam tribes, including rock mulching, rock terraces, and special plants used.
Enterprise Team:  Per Louis, it started its own Facebook page.  Per Aili, Transition should have its own Instagram account – to put in Parking Lot).

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting
A new date to be determined for meeting at the MDLT for the Quarterly – Diane in charge.
Whoever is doing “post-Blitz” watering, should check off their name at the sign-in sheet that has been left by the “No Mulch” planting bed [#12] by Diane at the MDLT.  Try to use moderate watering—not too much or too little.
Put creating a new Instagram Account for Transition (per Aili) in the Parking Lot section of the next Agenda
Louis will catch up on posting Minutes to the Website.
Janet to determine what things are needed to report about on the Website and begin writing.  She is to meet with I/M to find what pictures they have that can be used.

Decisions Made
$50 to be donated by Permie Team to the Quarterly Meeting expenses.
Janet to be Facilitator at the Quarterly.
Quorum and Consensus matters to be continued at the next meeting (6/25).
Janet to be Web Reporter; I/M to provide pictures for website articles; Aili to help posting to the website.

Old Business:
Diane left a sign-up sheet at the “no-mulch” planting bed to keep track of watering.  Recommended watering is moderate—not too much or too little.
World Environment Day (Palm Springs): Per I/M the event went well.
Quarterly Potluck:  We are not allowed to hang Xmas lights at the Land Trust.  The Land Trust will install their own hooks later.  Diane is the one contact person to Vicki at the Land Trust.  Next meeting at the MDLT is not possible on Thursday, the 18th.  Another day to be determined to meet at the MDLT.  Per Tim and the CC, there will be an Open Space Project Team Report at the Potluck.  Ernesto will be playing classical guitar.  Janet was voted as facilitator.  CC is donating $50.  Vote taken in favor of Permies donating $50.

New Business:
Website – It needs help to stay fresh.  Items need to be posted with text and pictures.  Louis will catch up on posting minutes.  We need a Web Reporter.  Aili is a professional web designer!  Janet will do text.  I/M will do pictures.
Voting Process – Louis stepped down and was replaced by Tim for this discussion.  Per Louis, PDF file on Consensus says that it requires training and a skilled facilitator.  Per Janet, she checked old Permie minutes and discovered that, although casually discussed, the matter of the Quorum was never determined by the Team.   Per Louis, there can be a conflict between staying on schedule and completing the consensus process.  Louis suggests that Consensus Minus One may be too stringent and could fall back to 80% when time is running out.  Per Janet, this “fallback” could be avoided if the matter in question is handled more timely, so there is no panic.  Extended discussion, followed by acknowledgment that we need (1) correct list of voting members and the associated criteria, and (2) decision on a quorum based on that.  Per Louis, there are now 16 voting members or “participating members.”

Next Meeting at Aili’s house:  2658 Keeler Avenue, Yucca Mesa—off Old Woman Springs–Hwy 247.
Thursday, 6/25 at 6:00pm.




Place:  Eva’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $399   [$65 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendees:  Yanina returning, Jon

Charla’s Talk – Natural Medicines, Yucca Mesa Community Center, 6/7, 3-5:30, $5 donation

Agenda Review

CC:  Per Eva, the scope of the CC was broadened:  support, training, organizational skills.  She texted and phoned while in India.  One meeting a week.  She worked with Kathy Jennings on Norms.  She will be at the Quarterly Meeting.  The Land Trust building will be available free of charge.  Eva will work with the Team Reporters for stronger Reports.  The CC is not now actively expanded, but is focused internally, and resolving differences.  Moving toward reaching out to the Community.
Per Louis, the phone call to Eva in India helped to promote the Blitz.
Open Space Event:  Louis visited the most recent meeting of the planning group.  They are working on Norms and Committees.  Janet described the last Open Space Event to the group:  it is very exciting.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting
Robert to bring rocks to Land Trust.
Louis to ask Barnett for half of Fill-dirt costs and rock costs.
Potluck Committee to meet on 6/4 at Eva’s house
Flyer to go out on Quarterly Potluck.
Isaiah and Manuela to rep Permaculture Team at Palm Spring Event 4/5.

Decisions Made
Hours of Potluck will be 6-9.

Old Business:

Permablitz:  We need more volunteers to water at the Land Trust.  Janet/Eva on 6/3 at 9:00, Robert will join.  Debbie on 6/11, Charla/Michael/Clay on 6/17, Aili on 6/24.  Isaiah/Manuela on 7/1, Diane and Louis on 7/8, Janet on 7/15, Debbie on 7/22, Charla/Michael and Clay on 7/29, Aili on 8/5.  Robert to bring a lot of rocks from his property.  Eva would like to buy a truckload and split the cost 3 ways.  Robert might sell rocks.  Vicki at Land Trust asks if we would like to put in a sign.  Robert works in paint and metal.  Wording for Sign:  NATIVE EDIBLE AND MEDICINAL PLANTS BY TRANSITION JOSHUA TREE PERMACULTURE TEAM, MAY 17, 2015.  The Team paid $6.00 to Janet for three straw bales.  Damien was concerned about the lack of design, but was pleased at the final result. Michael proposed that Barnett be asked to pay for half of the fill dirt.  Team will re-imAlso, Louis to ask Barnett to pay for rocks.

Controversial Matter of Decision to Pursue Permablitz:  Per Louis, on April 26 at Beth’s house with short notice, a meeting was convened.  Few could come but there were proxies.  There was a revote to do the Permablitz.  The Constitution does not preclude proxy votes in this context.
World Environment Day (Palm Springs): Manuela is in charge of event.  It’s moving forward.  Isaiah to speak.  They are asking for books for the display.

Quarterly Meeting:  Possibly a tour of the planting beds.  Each participant can describe their assigned bed.  Newly formed committee:  Eva, Janet, Robert, Charla, Aili, Clay, I&M and Louis (meet on 6/4 at Eva’s house at 5:00). We also need portable amplifier.  Team voted YES for hours of 6-9pm for Event.  Per Louis, a flyer needs to go out soon.  Per Eva, by the 6th we will have one.

New Business:

New Facilitator and CC Representation:  Per Louis, he would like to step down as Facilitator at the end of the season.  Janet is interested in the job.  About CC represenation, Eva thinks anyone should visit the next CC meeting.

Mesquites From Damien:  Damian graciously gave away trees to everyone at the meeting.  The same Honey Mesquites he will be selling $20 each.  He described how to plant trees while removing them from their containers (which he asks to be returned to him).  Per Eva, if tree is planted at depth of entire length of root, it need much less water at the beginning.

Ideas from Janet for Parking Lot:  (1) A video course in Permaculture to be put together by a Project Team during the Summer (popcorn/beer).  That way, a quick and easy background in Permaculture and Dryland Permaculture can be achieved by members and new members.  Yanina talked about Permaculture education.  Michael talked about using it in community outreach.  Project Team:  I&M, Robert, Michael and Charla.—to meet during the summer.  (2) A 6 Plant Desert Food Garden to be established somewhere and on drip.  By informal poll, the team was in favor.  Per Damien, should include water harvesting.

The six plants were discussed with mostly already-mentioned attributes.  The Jujube, Fig and Pomegranates belong in Zone 1, close to the house.  Per Charla, the best time to pick pomegranates is when the skin starts to stretch.  White pomegranates don’t split.  Prickly Pear fruit make wonderful pancake sauce, thickened with arrowroot.

Next meeting at Debbie’s house on June 11.





Place:  Debbie’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $389   [$56 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

Returning Attendee:  Bruce

Aili’s Ollas: 2 gallon for $22, and 3 gallon for $24; made by family in Mexico; fill once a week or so.  Also Lewis Burris’ ollas are smaller and less expensive and made from local clay.
Cardboard:  Leftover cardboard from the Permablitz event is available at the Mojave Desert Land Trust site in their Greenhouse.  Go during regular business hours.
Angel Wing Cactus Leaves:  There are also lots of these leaves to distribute—easy to root and useable for food and garden.
Harrison House – May 24 Theatrical Show from 2-6; free.
Isaiah and Manuela: Movie:  Planeat, 6:00, May 28th at 8063 Church Street; also 5-18 a Beatnik Lounge presentation re essential oils.
Concensus Process to be discussed at next meeting.

Agenda Review

CC:  Had an impromptu meeting.  Eva Soltes called from India.  Kathy Jennings came for development session.  Teamwork building.  Three questions.  Working on Norms.  Something to take back to each team.  Each team at the quarterly meeting, after debriefing, invite the next team.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Decisions Made

Old Business:
Quarterly Meeting:  June 28 the best Sunday.  Yucca Mesa is an option to host it.  Check to see if we can do it at MDLT.  They have 85 chairs; Eva has about 45.  Possibly do it in the Greenhouse.  Perhaps the Courtyard.  Perhaps have Clay do a walkaround, explaining the natives we planted and explaining what we did.

Permablitz: Decided with all the plumbing that no boomerang swales should go around the trees.  Clay used smaller number of rocks on the berm to slow erosion–a good compromise.  Both edibles and medicinals were planted, as all the desired edibles were not available.  Ten Spongewells were put in.  Mesquite was planted with a watering tube.  Cattails were used for mulch, but needed more rocks to hold them down because of wind.  Charla trimmed the infected trees and they look great.  Barnett was very appreciative–said he would want to do this with every music festival.  They would have just planted cactus at the lake, but because the Permaculture Team was involved the event was held at the MDLT.  In future, it would be good to get the plants more in advance. They were almost all native plants.  All the soil and cattails were used.  Eva felt that the intro Louis gave should have been more about Transition in Joshua Tree.

New Business:
World Environment Day in Palm Springs at the Palm Springs Pavilion.  Manuela is for it.  Tim and Jill decided not to speak.  Group decided to go ahead with displays.  June 6 from 6-10pm.


[The final results]
Mesquite (12)
Jujube (6)
Fig (5)
Palo Verde (2)

Pomegranate (13)

Prickly Pear (14)






Place:  Beth St John’s house
Time: 10am
Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Louis
Quorum: Determined* [see footnote]

Decisions Made During This Meeting:

We returned to the 2nd Proposal from last Thursday.  Patty changed her vote from no to yes, after the proposal was amended to include two window boxes and treatments to two existing trees.  The amended proposal passed.  Eight votes in favor, none opposed.  The 3rd Proposal [telling the MDLT we couldn’t do the Permablitz] was thus moot.

A project group for the Permablitz was formed.  Will meet Thursday April 30 5pm at MDLT and then reconvene at Mary’s house.

Team caravaned down to MDLT and surveyed the trees and “planters.”  Decided the newly-formed full project group needed to return Thursday.
The five present [Louis, Isaiah, Manuela, Mary, Patty] are in 100% — “In it to win it!”  And present via proxy were Clay, Janet, and Diane.  And about two or three others will be participating.  Mary Mulally explained she had learned her field [dementia and Alzheimer’s care] not by schooling, but by doing.  By way of illustrating exactly what we need to be doing.

Action Items
All members to review our Aim statement & Norms; to see if our actions taken on Sunday conform.

*Since the team has never discussed what quorum should be, we used the default definition, which is any amount over 50%.  Or “simple majority.” Simple Majority means more than half of members are present.

In our vote, we had 5 present plus 3 by proxy, equals 8.
Eight constitutes a simple majority of 15 voting members.




Draft Minutes of Meeting 4-23-15

not available yet





Place:  Eva’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $386   [$34 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendees:  Crystal/Bruce; Robert; Glen

Earth Day at Methodist Church, 4/25, late afternoon, Permies will have booth and we can sell stuff
Inhabit, movie, 4/22, Furstworld, 8:00, $5 donation, doors open 7:30, carpooling desired.
Beatnick Café, 4/21, Isaiah and Manuela talk on essential oils.
Food Matters, 4/28, 7th Day Adventist Church, vege dinner at 6:00
Brooklyn Theater Company, 5/24 at Harrison House, 2-6, a work in progress
Agave Roast, 4/9 at the Malki Museum, Malki Reservation in Banning, 10:00, $10.00
Yucca Valley Earth Day, 4/18, Permies will have a water awareness booth.

Agenda Review

CC:  Some housekeeping. Discussion on fixing team reports at the quarterly potlucks–They need to be more compelling and storylike, especially since quarterly meeting is promotional to attract more members–One person from CC should be working with each team facilitator–Beth to communicate between teams–Each team to designate a person to communicate to the CC.  The Website Committee sent suggestions to Martine to be implemented—we need to find someone from each team who will work on the website—The website is really important—A bio and skills questionnaire is being created for each member—Something on the front page that is inviting.
Drylands Permaculture Talk:  It was a big success.
JT Water Awareness Day:  Presented were four table-top models showing:  contour swale, sweat pod, wicking bed and sponge well.  Also shown were various water probes and contour swale measurers, including A-frame and Bunyip. Big attendance—lots of interest, lots of brochures and buttons given away, and a raffle for a water tank.
Agave Harvest Field Trip:  Off Hwy 74 in Pinyon Flat by Santa Rosa Peak.  Daniel MaCarthy employed by National Forest since 2008 to research Agave Desertii, main food of original people.  Discovered centuries old roasting pits along the ancient paths for baking agave.  Pits were lined with stones that were heated with wood.  Agaves were placed on stones and covered with sand and roasted for 36-48 hours.  Harvesters used long poles with pointed and flat ends for uprooting agaves.  Attendees harvested exactly that way. Agaves were harvested when the stalks were about 2 feet high. Stalks tasted like celery or cucumber-very refreshing.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Decisions Made
Give $20 to Beth for buttons

Old Biz
Permablitz: I/M had two meeting with MBTA, who would like to partner with us—possible cob bench at bus stop in front of new Mojave Desert Land Trust Headquarters.  Possible use of greenhouse behind MDLT offices.  Possible seedbank.  And host our Quarterly meetings there.  Could use Jill and Tim to do permaculture design for site.  Re Polish Ambassador (a Chicago Band), on 5/13 at the Lake Campsite, a dinner with Band, Transition and MDLT; on 5/14, the Permablitz (either the cob bench or a garden).  Sign-ups next week for whichever project-usually there are about 100-200 people involved.  If no Caltrans permit to MBTA the project could be moved to October.
Sunday Work Parties:  Promoted by Isaiah as a “barnraising” type of cooperative effort; a sign-up sheet was passed around.

New Business:



Wolfberry – desert native – tiny berries that taste a little tomatoey.

Bladderpod – Bloom all year if watered.  Flowers are roastable.  Pods are spicy.  Buds can be used like capers.  Need to cook pods because of chemical.  Prolific and popular to bees.

Buckwheat – Has a parasitic plant called “sandfood” that feeds on roots and tastes like yam.  Because of difficulty in getting out seeds, possibly grind whole flowerheads for flour.  It is common and prolific on roadsides.  Can be used as eyewash and mouthwash.

Yerba Sante – Grows at higher elevation—medicinal.  Can be mixed dried in coffee.  Helps cure tuberculosis.

Manzanita – Great tea from berries—high elevations—slow growing.

Jojoba – Closest vegetable oil to sperm whale oil.  Natives made coffee-like beverage.  Oil is indigestible because it is actually a liquid wax.  Very good for the skin–its most valuable use.

Pomegranate – Healthy antipoxident.  Can store for a long time.  The lighter (pinkish) colored fruit are less likely to crack in the heat.

Desert Almond – Fastest growing desert plant.  Nuts are tiny and hard to crack.  Contain hydrocyanic acid.  Not practical as a food source.

White sage – Leaves can be fried in coconut oil and salted-then eaten like chips.  Grows well in high desert. Usually used for sage smudge stick rituals for cleansing areas.

Chaya – Spinach-like and very nutritional. Very drought tolerant.  Loses leaves in freezing temps.  Grows in New Mexico.  A new plant—worth of checking out.

Hollyleaf Cherry – All pit and little meat, yet flavorful.  Good Vitamin C.  Possibly tea also.

Mormon Tea – Local plants have low concentration of ephedra.  Grows everywhere.  Use as a tea.

Desert Holly – Takes extreme conditions.  Raw leaves taste salty.  A kind of saltbush (Atriplex).

Results of Votes:  Bladderpod (8), Buckwheat (2), Pomegranate (13), White Sage (4), Chaya (6), Mormon Tea (2), Desert Holly (5 or 8?)


Prickly Pear (Opuntia) – The top contender – veges and fruit.

Banana Yucca – Most xeric-  fruit tastes like yams.

Agave – Can roast leaves—sap can be caustic and can be used to tenderize meat.

Yuccas (general) – Yucca flowers are edible.  Fruit should be boiled 3 times to get rid of bitterness.  Harvest flowers when just blooming.

Dragon Fruit – Can grow here.  They produce early.

Cholla – Harvest buds.  Easiest to use blowtorch to remove spines.  Very high in calcium.

Results of Votes:  Prickly Pear (14), Banana Yucca (8), Agave (11), Dragonfruit (3), Cholla (8)





Place:  Debbie’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $353   [$11 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

Returning Attendee:  Aili

Agenda Review
Put Biochar Matter, Earth Day and Robin Kobaly Talk into new category:  Parking Lot (“save for later”)

CC:  Quarterly Potluck of 3/19/2015 was critiqued.  It should be used for recruitment. Reports should be better organized.  They should be called “Presentations”, and tell a story.  Per Eva, the Mojave Desert Land Trust would be a good location for the next one.  There can be difficulty in controlling disruptive elements.
350.org is concerned with limiting the carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere, which is already out of control.  The local group wants to become part of Transition.
Projector needed.
Website Committee:  Still working.  Sent notes to Martin for the first revision.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Decisions Made
Create “Parking Lot” category of Minutes for long-term matters.

Old Biz
Hammermill:  Patty Domay bought a grinder for $39.00 that is guaranteed to grind seeds.
Agave Field Trip:  Both events start at 10:00.  Rendezvous behind Crossroads at 8:30.  Those who are going were noted by Janet.
Drylands Permaculture Talk:  Helpers will carpool at 6:00 at the vacant lot next to Holmes Health.  Bring books for the table, Ice tea and snacks.  Mingle and chat.  Manuela has permaculture buttons.  Per Jill, flyers have been disappearing.  Apparently, people take them as souvenirs or whatever.  Ask to put one in the window of the Health Foods Store where it cannot be taken.

New Business:
Riverside Field Trip:  Jill posted it on the TJT website.



Mesquite:  Honey, Velvet, Screwbean, Chilean.  Each tree tastes different. Hard to propagate from cuttings.  However, Chilean was grafted to a Honey rootstock successfully!  Mesquites can be medicinal. Leaf powder effective against gram positive bacteria-outperforms some pharmas. Many other qualities already discussed.  Screwbean and Chilean have shallower roots.  Honey has the deepest roots (200-250 feet).  Nitrofixing plants also bring up minerals.

Palo Verde:  Mexican, Museum, Blue, Foothill.  Mexican is super hardy.  Can peas eat off a tree for a few days while the seeds are still soft.  Taste like edamame.  Per Damien, can make seeds into flour.  Can pick when perfect and freeze.  Nitrofixer.  Provides light shade as a nurse tree for seedlings.  Nitrofixing trees have funguses [mycelium] that relate to other nearby plants.  Create inoculant for other plants. Dig soil at base of tree for innoculatant.  AM120 mycorrhizal.  Per Clay, fill cotton sock with rice and bury near the base of a healthy tree.  Wait.  Move sock to young tree.  It helps the fungus web by planting in between trees.

Carob:  Mediterranean.  Need male and female, unless hermaphrodite.  Deep rooted.  Very productive.

Jujube:  Productive harvest, medicinal, self-storing.

Mulberry:  Asian variety doesn’t take a lot of water.  Prolific.

Olive:  Evergreen.  Eva puts olives in toilet tank to cure with fresh water.  Water, brine and lye curing methods.  Need to prune yearly to get yield.  Provides oil, but not a lot.  A certain amount of oil comes from the pit.

Native Oak:  Per Clay, the acorns are good for cooking oil.  Takes years to mature.  Some varieties don’t need leaching of acorns.  Graft native oak to rootstock of faster growing one?

Desert Almond:  Fastest growing desert plant.  Per Clay, natives ground the whole nut, including the shell.  Nuts are too small to bother with.

Pinion Pine:  Indians roasted the pine cones and the nuts popped out.  Very slow growing.  Typically at 4000 feet elevation.

Baobob:  African tree with fruit 6-10 times the value of many other foods.  Wood holds moisture.  Not sure of frost tolerance—possibly growable at 29 Palms.

Apricot:  Desert variety has very small fruit – survivability, but not reliable fruiting.

Fig:  Charla has one that fruits 3 times a year.  Hers is not drought tolerant.  Prolific.

Almond:  Water hogs?  Can use gray water.

Cats Claw (Acacia):  Collect pods between May and Aug.  33.8% protein, 25% oil, firewood, construction wood.  Grows on rocky slopes.  Can boil seeds-not the best taste before boiling.  Good pollinator.

The final tally:  Mesquite (11); Carob (6); Jujube (6); Baobob (5); Fig (5); Palo Verde [Blue, Mexican] (2); Almond (1).





Place:  Hannah’s House

Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $342   [$90 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendees:  Caitlin, Graham, Zelek; returning members Nicholas, Diane, and Karen Serrano of H&S

Agenda Review

Quarterly Potluck 3/22- Heart and Soul sponsoring; putting on a musical “Heart and Soul, The Musical”, 5-8, Yucca Mesa Community Center; bring own utensils
Death Café, 3/15, Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Harmony Hall,
Old Schoolhouse in 29 Palms, 3/13, Native American Plant Uses, Daniel McCarthy, 7:00, $5.00
GMO-OMC, 3/24, 6:00 at 7th Day Adventist Church, 8035 Church Street, Vege Meal
Damien playing show with Myshka Warbler at Furstworld, 3/28
Community Garden Volunteering, every Saturday morning, Yucca Mesa Community Center
Charla, Emergency Home Medical Kit, Rainbow Stew, 3/28, 10-12
Montana Elemental Ecosystems.com, 5 day training, 6/16-21, preventing bee collapse
Elemental Ecosystems.com, 5 day training, more than a PDC level, $927
High Desert Homegrown Poultry Assoc. April 22, Yucca Mesa with Charla Shamart.

CC:  Kathy Jennings came for three meetings to work with skills and a new mission statement.  Fruitful.  Still working on website.  Will bring proposed changes to the potluck.  Consensus that Transition has been transplanted to Joshua Tree, and is now taking root.
Website Committee:  Met once.  Per Jill, can do draft changes to show the teams for their feedback.  Jill can show Susan.
Water Awareness Boothies:  They rock.  Banner was displayed to general approval.  Table models are ready.  There will also be Bunyip and A-Level demonstrations.  Buttons supplied by Beth. Diane will be the new Minerva Hoyt.  She can direct people to the Permie booth.  Damien contributing Mesquite start, and Water Team donating 55-gallon drum for raffling.  We still need chalkboard for Permie Principles.
Local Foods/Local Places:  Raised $635.  Rotary Club is now supporting. Deb is mixing biochar into pots-a lot of potential, we should pursue.  Louis to add to next Agenda
Robin Kobaly Talk Summary:  Not enough time-wait til next or later meeting.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting
Louis to add Biochar matter to Agenda
Volunteers to put flyers around town for Drylands Permie Lecture, 4/6
I&M to contact Polish Ambassador directly.
Janet to Doodle Earth day meeting (Louis, I&M, Debbie).
Jill to finalize Riverside field trip article for website.
Janet to call and verify dates and times of Malki Museum Agave events and send to Louis
Jill to organize thoughts on her garden for sharing with Team.

Decisions Made
At Drylands Permie Talk, a hat will be passed instead of having a donation jar.
We will pay Bobby Furst $50 for his place.
Permie Team will meet during July and August on the second Thursday of each month, i.e., July 23rd and August 27nd.
Determining voting members: Attendance for 3 meetings leads to voting membership.  Absence for 3 months leads to nonvoting status (aka “supporting member”).  Attendance for 2 meetings thereafter reinstates voting status.  Louis to use discretion.
New Garden Talk section of meeting.  Individuals to share.  Jill will be the first.
To save time, no Announcements during meeting.  Members to email them to Louis for distribution.
Summer schedule set: July and August we’ll meet on the 4th Thursday only, 7-9pm.  June and Sept. we’ll follow our current schedule.  Check calendar to verify.

Old Biz
Drylands Permaculture Talk:  Bobby Furst has parking worked out.  Flyers have gone out.  Volunteers needed to post around town (see Action Items).  We will pass the hat instead of a donation jar. $50 to Bobby Furst. Flyer posting people to coordinate. Volunteers to meet behind Crossroads for carpooling.
Polish Ambassador/Permablitz:  I&M are waiting to hear from Barnett.  Will contact Polish Ambassador.
Riverside Field Trip, Jill to finalize article for website.
Agave Field Trips:  Janet to call Malki Museum for details.
Panic Grass:  postponed to late Sept or early Oct.

New Business:
Earth Day:  Saturday, April 18.  New project team consisting of Janet, Louis, I&M, and Debbie.  Janet to send Doodle for first meeting.
Who are voting members (aka “participating members”)?  Attending three times within a reasonable period becomes a voting member.  No show for 3 months, returns to being a supporting member..  To reinstate, must attend for 2 meetings.  The facilitator is allowed some discretion.
Team needs Garden-Centered section of meeting—agreed.  Will schedule one per meeting.  Jill is first volunteer.
Per Aaron (Marine Permie!), possible team visit to his garden on the base in August.
Next meeting at Debbie’s March 26.

Six Perennial Plants

A challenge in organizing the information for the easiest and fastest way to reach the final decision.  Plants were categorized into trees, shrubs, and succulents.

Team liked focusing on one plant at a time.  Lists were collected from each member.

The combined tree list is:  Mesquite (various); Palo Verde; Carob; Jujube; Fruiting Mulberry; Olive; Desert Olive; Pinyon; Baobab; Apricot; Fig; Almond; Cats Claw; Russian Olive.

Nicholas started with Chilean Mesquite (info to be summarized later).  Damian (pomegranate).

Tim made up the complete list of plant candidates, which was emailed out.  The next meeting will be dedicated to this topic.




Place: Debbie’s House

Facilitator: Louis
Minutes Taker: Janet
Treasurer: Manuela
Treasurers Report: $421 [$70 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendee: Hannah, Aili

Agenda Review
Question of who will give the Permie Team report at the Quarterly Meeting.
Tractor issue.
Summer meetings?

Eva will attend a Permie Design course at Casitas Valley Farm (close to Ojai), July 5-Aug. 2. $2800 with camping and most meals. Price can be lowered if more people go. This is an unusually long course.
29 Palms Inn – Seed Exchange, 10-3, on Sunday, March 1.
Talk by Robyn Kobaly, March 7, Harrison House.
Methodist Church Fundraiser Potluck for Local Food Local Places, 4-8 on March 1.
Drylands Permaculture Lecture will be at Furstworld on April 6 (Monday).
Death Café on March 15, given by Heart & Soul, Joshua Tree Retreat Center
March 22, 5-8 Potluck Quarterly Meeting, at the Yucca Mesa Community Center (Tim will talk about Open Space).
March 24, at the 7th Day Adventist Church, movie “GMO-OMG” and vege meal at 6:00.
I&M recommends top water filter (Berkey) for $400.
Janet’s bakery business is now (temporarily) unofficial. Rye and Gluten Free bread available.
March 27 and 28, Les Crowder, bee expert and author of Top Bar Bee Keeping, will be giving workshop at Michael and Charla’s house.

CC: Discussed issues re community, being vigilant re details, working with all skill levels, need for patience. Worked on improving website. Possible connection with Susan’s Home Schooling business & Damian – Eva to research. Creation of “bios” page for all members to show their skills and facilitate networking. Spent $100 to join JT Chamber. Joe Fairbanks will attend meetings. Louis to contact Susan re Press Releases to JT Chamber Newsletter. Possible hosting is joint event [mixer?] with Chamber. Nicholas’ place? Spent $81 web hosting for the year, plus $100 for Water Awareness Day materials.
Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting
Louis to contact Director of Communications Susan to include JT Chamber Newsletter for press releases.
Jill to talk to Bobby Furst about fee and maximum number of cars.
I&M to contact Barnett re Polish Ambassador.
Patty to talk to hammermill guy in Landers.
Eva to prep for talk on Permie Principle: From Patterns to Details – March 26.

Decisions Made
Volunteers for Drylands Permaculture: Janet, Patty, Isaiah/Manuela and Damien.
Permies will continue meeting once a month through the summer – 7-10 evening potlucks suggested.
Check-ins at the beginning of each meeting – 1 minute max.
Old Biz
Drylands Permaculture Talk: Permie Team is sponsoring. Date is Monday, April 6. Jill is working on flyer, which will go out March 6. At most space will cost $50. Donation at the door will be suggested, but no one will be turned away. Jill to talk to Bobby about maximum cars and fee. Volunteers needed (see Decisions Made). Volunteers should get there at 6:00. Waterwise tabletop models should be brought.
Polish Ambassador/Permablitz: I&M are still working on it. Will contact Barnett
Six Best Plants: Deadline is March 12!
Water Awareness Project Team: We got $100 from CC. Banner making potluck will happen on March 1. At least one person who has Permie Design Certif. should be in the booth to answer questions. The Water Team will donate water barrel for raffle and water info. $100 from Permie Team to project, plus $100 from CC totals $200—displays can be used many times in the future—especially at the Earth Day event coming up in April. There should be a bunyip demonstration.

New Business:

Who would like to report to the Quarterly Potluck on the Permie Team – falls by default to Louis.
Permies would like to continue meeting through the summer once a month. 7-10 evening potlucks are suggested.
There is a tractor [Massey-Fergeson] from a client on offer to us. 1974–low hours. Can hook up to an auger and/or a hammermill to the PTO. Valued at $3000-4000. Patty knows a guy in Landers with a hammermill-will ask him. Tabled for further discussion.
Per Damien, we should reestablish check-ins at the beginning of each meeting to create better connection. Team Agreed – 1 minute max.

Permaculture Principle – Integration Not Segregation by Isaiah
Permaculture started with Mollison and Holmgren, who were inspired by, among other things, writings of Fukuoka. Isaiah showed a symbol meaning “many hands make light work.” Segregation between factors has hurt the world, separating young from old. The old has wisdom needed by the young; the young are sponges to absorb this wisdom. Too much wealth creates separation/fear. Permaculture is all inclusive – involves everybody. Integration also means connecting systems: water from washing clothes waters trees. Products and services from chickens do many things for other systems and living things. Communities are helped by the many talents of individuals. Plant guilds combine to support each other. Permaculture is a powerful way of dealing with global warming.

Next meeting Thursday, March 12, at Hannah’s house at 5406 Yucca Mesa Road.




Place:  Jill’s House
Facilitator:  Louis
Minutes Taker:  Janet
Treasurer:  Manuela
Treasurers Report:  $407    [$56 for CC]
Approval of Last Minutes

New Attendee:  Maya

Glen Howard Small has classes at CMC.  Discussion re possible Permaculture connection.  Eva has befriended GHS and is in contact.
Death Café on March 29 from 6-8 pm, sponsored by the Heart and Soul Group. At the Yucca Mesa Community Center.
Quarterly Potluck on March 22 at the Yucca Mesa Community Center.  Time to be announced.
The CC will ask for volunteers for the next Open Space event—probably after the summer.
Robin Kobaly will talk on growable Native Foods at Harrison House on March 7.  12:30-4:30.
Discussion on Carob while Janet’s carob tortillas are passed around.  Approved by all.  Nicholas’ grandparents planted carob tree on land that is now covered by Lake Matthews in Riverside County.
High Desert Homegrown Poultry Association meeting on Feb 18, 6-8 at the Yucca Mesa Community Center.
Southern California Desert Fermenters meeting on Feb. 21, from 2-4, at the Rainbow Stew.
Charla is teaching Herbology at the Rainbow Stew, on March 14, from 2-4—emphasis on kidney health.
Charla is teaching Home Natural Medicine Chest at the Rainbow Stew, on March 28, from 10-12.
Per Manuela and Isaiah, free Gospel Concert at the Yucca Valley 7th Day Adventist Church, on Feb. 21, at 4:30.
At the 7th Day Adventist Church, screening “Hungry for Change” on Feb. 24 at 6:00.
At the Beatnik Lounge, M&I talking on Natural Detoxing, at Feb. 17, 6:00.
The Yucca Mesa Community Center is starting a community garden with produce to give to needy.
Local Food Potluck and Fundraiser at the JT Methodist Church Feb. 28, 4-8.
Talk on Native Foods at High Desert Nature Museum on 2/19 at 12 noon.

CC:  The Website is being critiqued for improvement—upgrades needed.  Susan/Louis/Eva formed committee: input from Jill.  Ideas welcomed.  They want a complete list before talking to Martine.  An Open Space event will be discussed at next Potluck.
Riverside Workshop:  A big success and learning experience re grafting.  Citrus Park was a spectacular surprise.  Soft materials for grafting were bought by Louis for anyone interested.  Grafting knife needed, however.
Water Awareness Day Project Team:  Last meeting was very fruitful—lots of ideas.  Sue Jordan is point person to Kathleen Radnich.  Damien will make a see-though desktop wicking bed model.  The Team will discuss working with the Water Team support, as well as producing buttons.  Same booth for Earth Day in YV April 18.  Booth is either free if no items for sale, or $25 if saleable items.  I&M can do teeshirts; buttons.  Per Water Team Earth Day is one of highest interaction sites.
Water Team:  Per Tim the Water Team was the best booth at last year’s Water Awareness Day.  This year, Water Team will support the Permies’ booth [see WAD-PT entry above].

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting
Water Awareness Project Team at next meeting to discuss working with Water Team, and items for sale at Earthday event.
Charla to write natural stain removal for placing on Google Drive.
Janet to all Patty Domay re next meeting.

Decisions Made
The deadline for the Six Best Plants Contest is 3/12.
First-time visitor orientation adopted.

Old Biz
Jill and Tim’s Dryland Permaculture Talk – venue is now at Bobby Furst’s—end of March, or early April.
Polish Ambassador/Permablitz – Brad talked to Barnett at JT Music Festival.  They will be planting cactus at the campground with help from Festival people.  How does this tie in to Permaculture?  Edible cactus?  Are they open to advice?  We are not going to get more involved.
Six Best Plants Contest – The deadline is now 3/12.  Damien referred to Robin Kobaly’s list.  Originally limited to perennials, Tim conceded to include semiannuals, like chia.  Locally, Anne Gerry and Donna Thomas are also experts on native food sources.
Time Bank – Louis is starting a Timebank—all are welcome.  Intention is to steamline commerce.

New Business:

Discussion:  Are Food Forests possible in the Desert?  Not like lush dense areas with more water.  Dependent on limited areas that receive water harvesting.  Ultimately, we are still figuring it out.

Tim’s Talk:  Create No Waste  
Tim explained the concept and gave a number of ways to look at this principle and how this principle might be achieved in our daily lives.  From using worms for composting kitchen scraps to being more aware of the ways we produce waste without hardly noticing, as we go about our lives.  Especially noted–using reusable shopping bags and vegetable bags instead of plastic bags from the supermarket.  (Breathable vege bags are available at health food stores and keep veges fresh longer).

Next meeting:  Debbie’s house on 2/26.  Her address is 4539 Avenida Del Sol (three blocks west of Janet’s house).





Place: Jill’s House

Facilitator: Louis

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Manuela

Treasurers Report: $395   [$44 for CC]

Approval of Last Minutes

Agenda Review –Added Items

New Attendees: Diane, Nora


  • Glen Howard Small, noted and notorious green architect, is in JT and is offering a course at Copper Mountain College.
  • Film, Forks Over Knives, is showing at 7th Day Adventist Church on Tuesday, 1/27, at 6:pm
  • Permaculture Voices gathering, first weekend in march in San Diego.
  • Robin Kobaly talk on edible natives at Harrison House, Saturday, March 7
  • Native American Plant Uses at Desert Institute, Sunday, March 21 from 9-4.
  • Buck demonstration on correct way to tie shoes.
  • Per Janet, neighbor’s hardy lemon trees should be cloned – group agrees. To be done after Riverside workshop.


CC: Facilitators will rotate each month through April. Transition is joining the JT Chamber at the non-profit rate. There is an incipient local food group gathering at the Methodist Church with Deb Bollinger, Greg Glenn and Joseph Fairbanks, among others. Re Alternative Currency, the teleseminar about timebanks was interesting. Transition and Timebanks together generate synergy. An Open Space event is coming up. The Communications Director is now Susan Jordan.

A Decade of Drought Presentation: Central Valley gets 80% of Calif. Water and contributes 2% to the state economy. Also the 136 Palm Springs golf courses is the next biggest single user. Lively discussion.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Isaiah and Manuela to contact OWS Ranch manager about trucking.

Isaiah and Manuela will look for Drylands Permaculture venue in either 29 or YV.

Isaiah and Manuela will call Brad re Permablitz/Polish Ambassador event.

Janet, Isaiah/Manuela and Louis to help at 2/2, Harrison House event. Janet to bring refreshments. All to post posters where available.

We make individual commitments to write letters re the DRECP plan.

Louis will write up a “New Members Protocol” for a vote.

Water Awareness Team Booth team members will meet.

Decisions Made

Permaculture Team will have a booth at the Water Awareness Event at the JBWD on March 29.

$25 to be released from funds to buy prize for best Six Food Plants – to buy local products.

Old Biz

Riverside Grafting Workshop – Saturday, February 7, at 9:00 am. We need to RSVP to Louis. Daniel Francis will do site inspection.

OWS Clay –Transport costs were put on the Google Drive. The OWS Manager does not want different parties coming over. She is calling friends about possible trucks. Isaiah and Manuela, instead of Jill, are now the contact persons within TJT. Louis to update the “Mineral Clay” doc on Google Drive.

Drylands Permaculture Talk – Isaiah and Manuela will look for venue in YV or 29. Furstworld is another possibility.

Jill and Tims Talk at Harrison House 2/2, See Action Items.

Panic Grass: Ken Lear’s project using endangered grass could reverse desertification. Seedlings will be ready in late February. About 8 people are interested. Sue Jordan is point person now. Ken will meet with participants.

Permablitz: See Action Items.

Six Best Plants Competition: to happen when Damien comes back. We release $25 for prize – to buy local products.

New Business:

Letter opposing DRECP Plan: A big PDF file. See Deb Bollinger’s email re letter. Individuals are encouraged to write letters re conservation. Per Buck, largest corporate leader negates solar fields as viable. DRECP can be changed-there is hope. We write individual letters re the DRECP plan.

New Members Protocol: Jill suggests that we install a protocol for visitors that introduces them to the Permaculture Team: they observe first two meetings, and if still interested they can get on the mailing list and also look at the Transition website. Louis will write this up and bring it to the next meeting for a vote.

Water Awareness Event at JBWD (March 29): Kathleen Radnich is soliciting booths. We need 3-4 people to take it on as a project: Jill, I&M, and Janet.

Next meeting is at Eva’s on Thursday, February 12.


“The sins of the fathers are visited on the children unto the 7th generation.”

It gets more and more subtle. When is enough, enough? We need to start building relationships to everyone and everything around us. Once feedback starts, it goes into longer and longer plans.

Beginning self-regulation: use reusable shopping bags, sun ovens and recycled denim insulating materials.

Using graywater, first extend pipe into bucket and see right away how much water is being used.

Use junk mail swales for trees and shrubs, plus mulch, including rocks. Rocks are great moisture retainers. No irrigation lines are needed. When Jill planted a desert tree she used an olla that leaked. Yet, when she dug up the olla, she saw that the tree roots were still wrapped around it perfectly. Jill now has an olla making method that works: construction glue from Nicholas Holmes.

Boomerang swales on contour collect all rainwater. We get feedback from watching how the boomerang swales work. Increasing the organic debris and installing a pipe to the roots increases water efficiency. Soak rootball in Superthrive for 24 hours increases viability of new planting. From olla, attach a hose bib with black irrigation tube that goes to a 5 gallon bucket filled with water. In the summer, fill bucket every 2 weeks! Orange bucket can be camouflaged with reed fencing material.

Now she is ready to think big. Two acres are contoured for water harvesting.

Even bigger: what’s primary is native plant generation in the landscape: particularly, grasses and trees.





Place: Eva Soltes House

Facilitator: Jill

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Tim

Quorem is determined

Treasurers Report: $340 [$17 for CC]

Approval of Last Minutes

Agenda Review – no new matters [Form for introducing Agenda Items is on Google].


Some members of the Water Group attended.

Quite a few new people were present, but names elude me.

Hi Desert Poultry Association meeting at _____________________

Weston A Price fermented foods meeting at ____________________

Desert Institute partnered with Water Group for Decade of Drought.

Great Shake Out on October 11.

Harrison House Dance Concert on October 16.

Clay will repeat his Mesquite talk at Yucca Mesa Community Center this month.

Tentative date of Water Group sponsored potluck is November 16.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Jill to update Calendar.

Tim to do more research on Lifedollars.

Members to think about who they would like to nominate for CC rep and talk to them

Jill to write 12 Permie Principles with numbers on slips for paper for lottery-style choosing.

Isaiah and Manuela to check out availabilitly of Listening Lounge for next meeting and let Louis know.

Decisions Made

Team will meet twice a month, the second and fourth Thursdays.

The next meeting is on October 23.

Elections to CC will be held 10/23.

Miriam is new Treasurer; Janet to remain as Minute Taker, and Louis to take over as Facilitator.

Members will take turns reporting on the 12 Permie Principles to the Team. The time will be about 10-15 minutes for presentation and 10-15 for discussion, to be held at the end of the meeting.

 Old Biz

This is last meeting for Jill as facilitator—Welcome, Louis.

 Jill and Tim’s Trip. Three favorite items: (a) Reskilling Workshops—homesteading skills taught in hourlong slots. (b) Lifedollars—can thrive or fail—template has already been created for easy adaption—one hour equals $15—not taxable per Supreme Court!!—can also apply to goods—needs enough participation to succeed—connection with Work Parties—Tim to find out how much it costs to join—website is Lifedollars.org; (c) Seed Library-members return seed from their own harvest—someone to take on the task of storing the seed.

Work Parties (such as learning to create water catchment swales, e.g.)—can be combined with Lifedollars—individual is responsible for creating, promoting and holding such workshops—participants work and get Lifedollars—to start can go $100 negative.

Election to CC: Will be held 10/23. Tim described work of CC members: Website, maintaining Transition and Team parameters, project-Transition Enterprise list for website (joiners must meet 5 Transition criteria).

Teaching 12 Transition Principles: members to pick one out of a “hat” and talk on that subject. See Decisions.

Jill/Tim’s trip report and Eva’s trip report will be presented at the next meeting.


Summer Hiatus




Place: Jill’s House

Facilitator: Jill

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Tim

Quorem is determined

Treasurers Report: $322 [$13 for CC- previous case given to CC]

Approval of Last Minutes


New people present: Perry and Travis

Deb Bollinger: Groasis Boxes available. They work, but seeds/plants must be protected by wire cages against animals. Tim, Jill, Janet, Laura, Isaiah/Manuela, and Louis requested.

Volunteers requested to work with the MBCA Invasives Team.

Field trip available to see the Reche Groundwater Recharge Basin on Wednesday, 7/9. Several members responded—leave at 8 am.

Per Tim, possible Commerce Working Group to promote local businesses. Ethical criteria for businesses to be promoted by Transition.

Jill has a number of relevant books that can be loaned during the summer—must sign out for them for her to keep track.

Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Jill to create template for adding Agenda items and to put it in Documents.

Wolf to send email to Tim, who will talk to CC about funding the Forum Plug-Ins.

Decisions Made


Old Biz

Wolf is asking for people to help run the Forum. Extensive conversation about costs of various “plug-ins” for the Forum and their usefulness.

Tim re Conflict of Interest Update: It is a simple procedure. Members are asked to read the policy—a business person can recuse himself from a vote if it affects his business. Unwilling recusers can be referred to the facilitator and/or the CC.

New Biz

Group Norms:

  1. Speak for yourself, using “I” language, not “we”.
  2. Honor diversity in communication styles.
  3. Do what you say you’re going to do in a timely way, or get help.
  4. Be willing to address conflict directly and respectfully.
  5. Turn off cell phones/be reminded to return them on after meeting.
  6. Be willing to volunteer.
  7. Be on time.
  8. Be willing to learn about permaculture.
  9. Be willing to share that info with the community.
  10. Plan carefully for success as a team.
  11. Be willing to initiate projects.
  12. Don’t be afraid to dream.
  13. Come up with Agenda items.
  14. Be considerate.
  15. Consider being a facilitator, treasurer, minute taker and/or CC rep.
  16. Practice permaculture.

Ideas for the Fall:

Workshop on propagating mesquites.

At each meeting we can take one permaculture principle and a member teaches it.

Natural history field trips.

Desert restoration.

Work parties (low hanging fruit).




Place: Rhonda Hayes House

Facilitator: Jill

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Tim

Quorem is determined

Treasurers Report: $309 [$62 for CC]

Approval of Last Minutes: Yes


Tour of Rhonda’s Garden

Very developed, with three screened planting areas, extensive succulents, a native flower garden, many pathways, and lots of benevolent rattlesnakes! Water catchment for watering plants comes from the roof and graywater. One screened vege garden has to be redone in raised boxes due to encroachment from nearby palm tree roots. Graywater leads to mesquite and jojoba. One screened area has assorted bonzai’d fruit trees in tubs that are yielding. A greenhouse has lemons, figs, tomatoes, etc.



Members are asked to send email to Copper Mountain College, asking for a permaculture design certificate course.

A PDC course is available at Quail Springs.

Nicholas: Last workshop before the summer at the Nourishing Tree is Food Storage Techniques, June 19, 7-9, $12.00


Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Jill will double check on chairs and tables at Paula’s Dome

Jill will bring home media setup.

Jill will bring Hot Spot

Janet will bring screen to Paula’s Dome.

All to watch Youtube, “Desert Oasis, by Geoff Lawton

Damien will post video on the forum.

Damien and Jill will do tech check a few days before Potluck (Damien will be out of town on the day of the Potluck).



Tim: Not enough people expressed support for the Farmer’s Market Booth, so it is dropped until after summer hiatus.

Wolfe: A new Forum has been created. Members are asked to submit sub-topics so that subject of permaculture can be broken down into smaller categories (threads). Be aware of thread titles. During summer months useful lists of titles can be submitted. Per Tim, Transition website has Youtube substation.


Decisions Made

Jill will facilitate the Potluck.

Stephanie will do the Permie Team Report.

Volunteers for the Potluck: Jill, Isaiah, Tim, Louis, Janet and Eva Soltes.

The proposed video for the potluck is accepted: Desert Oasis by Geoff Lawton.


Old Biz


Aim Statement:

Led by Eva Montville. The Final version of the team’s AIM is as follows:

To learn and practice permaculture principles in a way that is inclusive, harmonious and inspiring so that we may all transition as a community to a more regenerative, resilient and earth-connected way of life, both locally and globally.

Voting Members Potluck (June 22):

See Action Items and Decision Made


Choosing New Officers for the Fall

Jill will be facilitator until the hiatus, after which the Group will decide on a new facilitator. Jill will help train. Also new treasurer. Two people need to be elected to the Coordinating Council.

New Business

Tim suggests learning more about history of local area, including field trips to local historical museums. In particular Morongo Basin Historical Society in Lander is a great resource: open Tues and Sat/Sun through September. Address: 632 Landers Lane


Next Permie meeting is Thursday, June 26.




Place: Kathy Emerick’s House

Facilitator: Jill

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Tim

Quorem is determined

Treasurers Report: $295.00 [$48 for CC]

Approval of Last Minutes (N/A)



New person present: Cheryl (a farmer at heart)

Jill and Tim have started a permaculture design company and have their first client.

Isaiah and Manuela mentioned a book Fungus Link to Health Problems by Doug Kaufman.


Action Items To Be Completed Before Next Meeting

Jill to resend Om Circle Flyer

Jill to email to Permaculture Team the email addresses of the Project Team members (above)

All to research favorite 15-20 minutes (approx.) videos for selection for the TJT Potluck, and email to all of the Potluck Project Team members (Damien, Isaiah and Laura)

The Potluck Project Team will check out the internet connection and download speed at Paula’s Dome.

All to work on the “Norms” List.



CC: In process is a document regarding conflict of interest in order for CC to pursue supporting local economic development. CC is also getting bumper stickers. The Permaculture Team will eventually have to send two members to the CC. It just lost one member.

Isaiah: He is in touch with Ms. Kerney at CMC regarding possible permaculture course.

Site Tours: Members gave positive comments on the worth and effectiveness of the site tours.


Decisions Made

Jill has the authority to choose the email list for the TJT Potluck.

A new Project Team consisting of Damien, Isaiah and Laura will audition films for the Potluck. Members to send them films.

The date of the Potluck is moved from Thursday, June 12 to Tuesday, June 10 to avoid conflict with Om Circle.


Old Biz


Draft Aim Statement:

Led by Eva Monteville. The Present Draft is as follows:


To learn and apply Permaculture Principles with each other and locally,

In a way that is practical, inclusive, inspiring, beautiful, fun, healthy, and conserving of our                   resources,

So that we may all transition together to a more connected, resilient and regenerative way of                   life.


New Biz


Who will get an invitation as a Voting Member? Arguments: “Regular members typically are the ones who come to the potluck.” “If you aren’t interested in a subject, don’t vote.” “We put together a statement about what it means to have a commitment to the organization—connected to the Norms list.” The group gave Jill the authority to comprise the email list for the Potluck (see Decisions).


Choosing the films for the Potluck: All members are to search for the best 15-20 minutes videos and forward them to the Potluck Project Team for their consideration.


Choosing New Facilitator

Jill will be facilitator until the hiatus, after which the Group will decide on a new facilitator.


5/8 and 5/22 were site tours



Place: Hamid’s House

Facilitator: Jill

Minutes Taker: Janet

Treasurer: Tim

Treasurers Report: New Total: $284 [CC: $37]


Decisions Made During This Meeting


We finish the tours in groups, and schedule in a meeting so that we can move on to discussing our Aim Statement.


We each compile a Group Norms List for what we need from the other members in terms of behaviors and attitudes.


Action Items


Jill will schedule a meeting for the Aim Statement discussion.

Everyone do the Groups Norms List (above)

Tim will load the various Forum Topics, and let Jill know when it’s done.


Touring Hamid’s Garden


Among the many interesting things in Hamid’s garden is his magnificent collection of cactus and succulents in containers. We gathered in his “sunpit” located several feet below ground and built of cinderblocks, wood and 6mm plastic sheeting (temporary). Per Hamid, it can increase light with reflective materials, like mirrors and foil. The short side of the structure faces south. There are various plants along the south perimeter facing the road, including Bird of Paradise, Lupine (volunteers), Chinese Dragon Tree, Chinese Elm, and Tree of Heaven. The trunks are wrapped in tubes to prevent animal gnawing. Along the west side of the property is a sizeable orchard with a variety of fruit trees, each of which is surrounded by a simple rebar domed structure to support bird netting. These trees can be easily retrofitted with boomerang swales that effectively capture rain water, as explained by Jill, Damien and Tim. The most lush of the trees are the almonds located at the bottom of the slope with enormous almonds, behind which is a housed well. Hamid luckily has a grandfathered well on the property. Lastly we saw his collection of housed chickens and pheasants. There are also some enormous military surplus chests which could be used eventually for fishponds.





Katharine Ball, Artist In Residence at High Desert Test Sites, was present. She is researching what it is like to live in JT, as requested by Andrea Zittel. Katharine is writing a blog and has a deep interest in permaculture, having taught forest gardening in Greece.


Tim reported from the CC. They are investing ways of vetting any individuals and organizations who wish to associate with and/or sell through Transition JT. Penelope _______, with an extensive legal background, drew up documents for that purpose. A suggestion was made to form a new Working Group based on local commerce. Tim passed around new Transition JT business cards to make it easier for us to outreach the public.


Jill asked for Group members to support her efforts to facilitate the meeting by letting her know whenever she is losing focus and needs a reminder. Also she mentioned the Facilitating Workshop on May 10.



Old Biz


Tours: Damien, Wolfe and (now scheduled) Fox will be the properties toured on Thursday, April 8. Members will meet at Janet’s house at 4524 Avenida La Flora Desierta to carpool, beginning with Damien’s garden. Later, Janet’s house, Jill’s current residence, Isaiah’s, Laura’s and possibly Rhonda’s will be available to tour.


Aim Statement: Jill proposed that we set a date for when we discuss our aim statement. Jill will figure out a date for the next organizational meeting. Meanwhile, we group tours together for fast completion.


Google Drive: Jill has created folders of many categories in Google Drive to contain any interesting documents and videos we can submit. IMPORTANT: do not drag anything out of the desktop, because you will remove it. Rather, copy and paste. Whoever is inclined to submit something you can insert your name as the originator.


New Business


Copper Mountain College: Isaiah spoke to Pamela Kursey, at CMC, about adding a permaculture design certificate course to their curriculum. She explained that the College must do a market survey of colleges in the region to see if there is interest. There must also be a qualified teacher available. It will take a year. We should all be emailing her re such a course: PKersey@cmccd.edu. One issue is whether there should be a two-week course or four weekend class (continuing education).

Group Norms List: Everyone is asked to participate by making a list of what they need from everyone else in the group. This will help to smooth our meetings by setting expectations that we all agree on.

Permaculture Products: Per Tim, the CC is working on a Farmer’s Market booth that will include permaculture-related products. This is a heads up in case you have anything you would like to sell that could be added.

TJT Website Forum: Per Tim, the CC is encouraging us to all get involved in the Forum threads. Those words will be picked up by the searches, and the denser the text, the easier that website can be googled. We want to subdivide various types of threads. Tim will load the topics. A potential problem is the absence of a moderator who can control negative input. There are corporations who pay trolls to be so negative that they discourage dialogue. The subject of permaculture and transition could be attacked by negative individuals or trolls in the payroll of right wing groups or chemical corporations. Tim is to let Jill know when the topics have been loaded.




Place:  Harrison House

Facilitator:  Jill

Minutes Taker:  Janet

Treasurer:  Tim

Treasurers Report:  New Total:  $326 [CC total not determined]


Decisions Made During This Meeting


  • Concensus Minus One decision process. Facilitator can propose majority vote for minor decisions.
  • Group Tours of Members’ Permaculture Properties both during regular meeting times and on weekends
  • Jill will Doodle the weekend tour date (in two weeks):  properties of Isaiah, Wolfe and Fox
  • We use Google Drive to share files




April 18:  Aquifers 101  JT Community ctr, 2p- 4p. Must rsvp.

April 23: Hi desert poultry association, Yucca Mesa community ctr, 6p – 8p

April 25-May 1: Intro to natural bldg at Quail Springs (near Santa Barbara)

May 27: ABCs of Water; maximizing water’s interaction on your farm or garden, Apple Valley, 5:30p –             7:30pm. Must rsvp. A possible carpooling event for us.


Isaiah mentioned a Youtube site called Relaxshack.    It has so many ideas that it is a good resource.


Janet mentioned success of junk mail swale for her established fruit trees.



Coordinating Council Report


Per Tim, printed business cards will be available for Transition members to pass out to interested parties.  Also the CC continues to look into the idea of a website for local market providers.


Lewis needs carpooling assistance.  He can usually connect with Laura Emerick.  Anyone who wishes to give him a ride can email him. He will also help organize general carpool for the group.



Old Biz


How To Decide:  After some discussion, the Group unanimously decided to decide based on Consensus Minus One.  Per Jill, not all decisions require consensus.  Some are not important enough.  As facilitator, she can propose majority vote for some simpler decisions.


Workshop Proposal List-Vote Ranking:  Per Eva, who worked on ranking the votes, it was difficult to tell because there were two indications:  (1) the simple tallying of votes led to one conclusion; (2) a chart based on the votes show that there are two divisions in the group:  those with more permaculture experience and those with less.  Laura suggested grouping various like workshop subjects together.   Miriam wants small projects that can be completed in one or two visits.  Eva sees importance of workshops rather than a lot of discussion.  Janet suggested an “inside” information receiving period followed by the “outside” working portion.  Fox mentioned difference people having expertise in different workshop subjects.  Tim said we could go down the list and see who can facilitate what.


Jill brought the discussion to the subject of the Group’s overarching aim, in that it hasn’t yet made that determination.  The Water Group had spent about a year just educating themselves, and once they felt fully educated they were ready to teach the community.  In that regard, the Permaculture Team is not just about members receiving services and help with their land and each other, but it is also a community activist organization whose goal is to help the larger community.  Putting our aim together in a formal Aim Statement is really important, so that we are all “on the same page.”  Eva thought that eventually there could be a Permaculture Garden Tour, and Tim said that this is what the original TJT permaculture project team had in mind.


Tim steered the discussion toward the idea of the Group identifying as many existing permie properties among its members as possible for our own tour.  This became the focus of the rest of the discussion.  Eventually, sites were identified and located on a rough map, mainly along the Sunburst/Border corridor.  The Group went around the room and each member expressed his/her situation/desire for the land.


Eva expressed her desire for a lot of food plants at Harrison House.  Cregan just moved to here house six months ago.  There is a lot of natural vegetation on 2 acres.  She is concerned about water movement. There is a lake behind her house when it rains.  Fox is building a Superadobe garden wall to create an enclosed garden space.  She is open to input.  She wants to change the irrigation of her trees, which is presently on a timer.  Wolfe is 7 years into changing 2 1/2 acres, bring water into his property from the road, managing the leach system, composting and encourage native vegetation.  Jill is two years into permaculturing 5 acres.  She is presently helping a friend who has an approx  1 1/2 acre fenced off homestead with a cabin.  She is planning a series of one-rock dams and putting in boomerang swales for existing trees.  Miriam has 1/3 acre on a hill.  Water runs across the road into her yard.  A large pit fills up with water.  She wants to move it and build a swale.  Isaiah has veges in caged boxes.  He has 2 grapes in cages and wants to make a sunken shower; also a sunken garden.  He is putting an earthen floor into a cabin.  He is totally off the grid with solar and humanure.  Hamid has five acres in the western edge of Yucca Valley.  1 1/2 acres are fenced in.  He has a cactus garden, a fruit garden, and is working on a vege garden.  His greenhouse will be ready soon—about 5 feet sunken (very costly).  Laura has been on her property for 4 years.  She has done a lot of observing, and wants food production.  She has been assessing different materials for water management and food production.  Her house is a center point for food production to live off the grid.  Gregg states that the most efficient system for growing food is in a cage, especially in an underground greenhouse.  Damien took a permaculture design course, and is totally obsessed with it.  He has created a 1 1/4 acre design for his property which is very detailed.  He just put in main frame trees in smaller swales, and tanks for roof catchment.  He wants to get off of “fossil food” and water.  Tim’s house is on the market.  He has been slowly trying to convert it to permaculture.  He is moving to Rhonda Hayes’s amazing property, which is working to convert to a permaculture site.  Lewis has property in Lucerne Valley.  He bought inexpensive land and didn’t consider the aspect of hauling water, since his property is in the dry part of the Valley.  One project has been a root cellar.  He now sees that water does flow across his property when it rains.  Janet has a mature garden, but it was designed and planted many ago before permaculture and the water situation came to the fore.  The fruit trees can be retrofitted with boomerang swales.  Already the junk mail swales have made a dramatic difference, and water use is way down.  She feels that her knowledge of natives can be helpful to the local permaculture community.  Daniella is living with Cregan and has the same opinion.  She mentioned that the natives on their property are really lush.


Discussion centered around organizing tours of the permaculture properties as timely as possible to see them all before the summer heat, but also including regular meetings.  Some regular meetings could be held at a member’s permie property and include a tour of the property.  Eva suggested that we add Matt Smith’s property to the list because of its extraordinary qualities.  It was determined that a tour plus a regular meeting will be held at Hamid’s house on April 24 at 6:00 pm.  In addition, there will be a weekend tour consisting of properties belonging to Isaiah, Wolfe and Fox.  Jill will doodle the Group re that.


New Business


Gregg’s Report on Filming in HawaiiHe was working with a friend who has a permaculture design certificate.  Hawaiians are taking back their food culture—not least because they are so insecure in their dependence on shipped-in foods.  He spent five days helping to film a documentary about this project that is being overseen by Geoff Lawtin, surfing and talking to elders.  There is a powerful CSA movement now that is providing fresh food to the North Shore.


Jill proposed that we use Google Drive to share files.  The proposal was accepted.  Jill will send email to the members re the same.


The Group watched an enthralling film about the creation of Harrison House, while sitting in Harrison House!


Agreed that we do the garden tour in two weeks based on Jill’s Doodle.


Next Meeting:

Hamid’s house on April 24 at 6:00 pm. Map will come with next agenda.

























Place:  Harrison House

Facilitator:  Tim

Minutes Taker:  Janet

Treasurer:  Tim

Quorum is determined

Treasurers Report:  $262, $14 for the CC


Action Items to Be Completed Before Next Meeting


Janet will bring a movie screen to next meeting

Jill will send the list of projects/workshops to all members for ranking

Jill will send Starhawk’s PDF “Collaborative Groups Empowerment Manual” to team members.




New Member Lou Burris said that he is intending to make in quantity traditional Ollas from local clay.  The Team liked this.


There is now a Forum on the Pipeline.  Members are encouraged to check it out on the TJT website.


March 30 is Water Education Day at Joshua Basin Water District.  This is a big event, including water agencies from around the southern Mojave.


April 16 the Yucca Valley Homestead Poultry Association will meet.


April 18 is Aquifers 101 at the Joshua Tree Community Center.  Hydrologists will talk about our water table.  Needs RSVP at 760-821-5716.


Introduction to Cobbs Natural Building……..[??]


Isaiah asked about a directory of local permaculture-related business, and is there a course at Copper Mountain College.  Tim responded that the Coordinating Council is looking for way to support the local economy.


Janet learned the importance of wind protection for fruit trees, when she saw that the wind blew off the pollen from the flowers.  She has a plan in place for next year to deal with that.



Report on Permaculture Voices


It was held Thursday to Sunday last week in Temecula.  Many famous people in the Permaculture world were there.  About 600 people attended.  A number of local people were able to go on a grant.  The Joshua Tree group were able to take notes for each other on the various events.  A film will be made of Geoff Lawton restoring a prime area of Hawaii to its original nature.  This is a very exciting thing.  It turns out that Gregg Glenn will be involved in this.


There are many exciting projects going on in the world now.  One area has to do with soil minerals.  Per Dr. Elaine Ingham, the native soils have all the elements necessary, but they need to be made available to plants, and that requires that the soil biology be corrected, rather than mined minerals being artificially added.  This information is available on the Foodweb site.  The ratio of bacteria to soil naturally changes as plants go from the pioneer plants, which first inhabit an area, through deciduous trees to eventually evergreen trees.  The need for proper biological soil maintenance was illustrated when two fields were compared, one that had been defoliated with Roundup and the other not.  The Roundup field was filled with weeds and weak plants, unlike the non-Roundup field.


There was a lively conversation on the use of Compost and Compost Tea.  Apparently, Compost Tea is an efficient way for soil to be made more bacterially lively on a large scale.  It can be applied in agricultural situations.  However, Compost Tea is not necessary when simple compost can be used.  Janet thought that Compost Tea might make summer vegetables that much more resistant to insect damage, based on what Kathy Jennings reported about her vegetables.   Re Compost Piles, an active pile can take dead animals effectively.


Will Smitt in Indonesia is doing remarkable work.  He has been instrumental in getting people to move away from Palm Oil, which is environmentally damaging.  Mark Shepard in Wisconsin has a 100 acre profitable permaculture farm.  He has trees, animals and annuals working together.  This is a very important model for how the permaculture principles can be applied to agriculture, not just homesteads and backyards.  Joseph Simcox has been travelling around the world, especially the desert areas.  He is trying to recapture ancient knowledge from the elders before it is forgotten.  Finally, there is a difference of opinion on whether community is sustainable in the desert between Geoff Lawton and another presenter.  Lawton is optimistic.


Per Eva, the earth can’t cool itself anymore.  There is now exponential change—unprecedented.  Per Tim, over the next 30 years there will be a 30% reduction in rain.  Rhonda—we need monthly rain dances.



Coordinating Council Report


Farmer’s Market Booth:  Members can sell any products that are appropriate to sustainability.  It will also be a platform to educate the public about Transition and Permaculture.  A list was passed around for members who are interested.  Discussion:  Certified on a Farmers Market booth simply means that people with Food Vouchers can buy.  A License means that the sellers are also the growers.


Reskilling Workshop:  This has been successful in other Transition towns.  People with a teachable skill can present that information.  The subject can either be a simple teachable skill, or an introduction to a more complex skill on which the teacher can offer a workshop at a later date.


Directory of Businesses:  All businesses should have integrity and adhere to permaculture and transition principles.  Vetting will be done in this regard.


New Business


The Decision Making Process:  How do we arrive at Concensus.  Majority, Unanimous or Concensus Minus One?  Karen is strongly in favor of Concensus and Concensus Minus One.  If there is too much dissent, the energy of the group is lost.  If necessary, the group must keep hashing out the issues until Concensus is reached and everyone understands.  When new members come on board, they do not change that status. Per Tim, the Starhawk materials, available on the Heart and Soul portion of TJT, is important to study.  This matter has been tabled until the next meeting, when Jill is back.


The TJT website is being redone to become more interesting.  A Youtube channel is being developed, in which videos can be featured by the various teams.  Our Team has an opportunity to submit its own choices, so members are encouraged to do research and come up with some good candidates.


We need a Reporter from the Team who will keep the website fresh.  Janet volunteered to do text, and Eva to do pictures.


The group decided to switch our meeting times to the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. That was appended by email from Tim to the 2nd and 4th Thursdays when he realized that the Water Team will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd. Our next meeting will be April 10.



Who Are We?


Members brainstormed and came up with a list of Projects/Workshops that can be talked about at the next meeting (attached).


Next Meeting


Janet will bring screen for a video on the building of Harrison House.  Nicholas Holmes is working on a solar project, and that will be discussed.  The List of Projects/Workshops will be sent to all Members.  A suggestion was made by Miriam that we begin as an educational forum before we outreach with projects and workshops.


The next meeting will be at Harrison House on Thursday, April 10th.


Recap of Decisions Made at This Meeting


Decision on how we vote is tabled until April 10 meeting.


Janet and Eva will be our Reporters and will be responsible for keeping our webpage updated.


The group present at this meeting decided to switch our meeting times to the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. That was amended by email from Tim to the 2nd and 4th Thursdays when he realized that the Water Team will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd. Our next meeting will be April 10.





Place:  Jill’s House

Present:  A Whole Lotta People

Facilitator:  Jill

Minutes Taker:  Janet

Treasurer:  Tim

Quorem is determined

Treasurers Report:  $257

Approval of Last Minutes

Agenda Review

[This meeting was the first, so there were many different items being discussed.  I tried to capture everything—the result is somewhat chaotic, but things should smooth out a bit–Janet.]

Icebreaker:  Participants were asked to name aspects of permaculture that there were interested in.  Then the group was broken into smaller (5-6 person) groups to investigate further aspects of interests in permaculture, and then three-person groups re the same.  The result was that there were many and varied subjects of interest.

Jill gave some background about Transition Joshua Tree.  Spoke of resilience in face of (1) peak oil, (2) economic uncertainty and (3) climate change.  TJT has working groups:  Water, Heart and Soul, Permaculture and the Coordinating Committee.  She talked about the history of the Permaculture Team—how its aim was to develop a water harvesting workshop, which it did, and then to morph into an open Group.

Eva spoke of the importance of the Aim Statement.  It has three distinct sections:  action, how, and for what.  A Group can refer back to its Aim Statement periodically and when it needs to make sure it is on the right track.  The Aim Statement is “not written in stone.”  It can be changed when the direction of the Group changes.  The Aim Statement should be visited at least once a year to determine if it is still relevant.

Jill referred to the Three Ethics and Twelve Principles of permaculture.  The Group was encouraged to do its own research on the internet in order to begin learning about those Ethics and Principles, which constitute the Aim Statement of Permaculture in general.  In addition to the original 12 Principles, TJT Permaculture add (1) reduce aquifer draw and (2) whenever possible choose native plants first, then desert-adapted non-native plants.

The Group was asked to begin thinking about and then writing down its thoughts on what this new Permaculture Group’s aim should be.

About Permaculture:  It is a land-use design science.  This Group has many levels of understanding of Permaculture in its population, which is very dynamic.  There are those who have obtained Permaculture Design Certificates, those who know about Permaculture through their own research, and those who want to begin learning.  As a Transition Group it is very egalitarian and welcomes all input.

Anyone who wants to obtain a Permaculture Design Certificate may do so from a number of sources:  Quail Springs, near Santa Barbara; Beantree Farms, at Tuscon, and other courses, including on line ones.  The cost is between $1,000 and $1,200, and the courses are extremely intensive.

Hamid suggested that such a large group could split into smaller groups to pursue different areas of interest.

Eva mentioned the possibility of reviving a community network group in order to collaborate better with Morongo Basin neighbors.

Isaiah was at the recent workshop, and said that many hands made quick work of building the swales.  He offered the idea of one day a month the group go to a property and help with a project.  During harvests we could swap produce.

Tim said that since this is a new Working Group the “sky’s the limit.”  We want to have an impact on the community.

Jill said that in the drylands in general and here in the Mojave Desert in particular, we are at the cutting edge of Permaculture.

Janet mentioned that the Mojave Desert guild is brand new and that Mojave Permaculture is brand new, so that everyone gets to participate in the opening up of this technology.

Karen stated that we have the media technology to post events in the TJT Calendar, and that we have a great media network.

At this point, Tim mentioned that we have $257 in the Treasury.  There was a delighted gasp in the room and the mention from Tim about a trip to Fiji.

Housekeeping:  No one wanted to facilitate, so Jill continued to do so.  Heart and Soul is giving a facilitation workshop in early May, that is limited to 20 people.  The most comfortable rate of meetings is twice a month – general agreement.  Per Tim, we could alternate meetings, one indoor and one outdoor, especially in the longer days.  The next meeting will be at Eva Soltes—bring a chair—Jill will send a Doodle Scheduler for that.

The Joshua Basin Water District is hosting a big Water Conservation Event on March 30.  The four Project Team Members will meet and come up with an idea to run it by the Group.

Sequoia said that this new Permaculture Group is large enough to have subgroups.  The next meeting could use something like the Open Space Technology to determine the Group’s direction.

Eva and Kathy’s new swales held up fine in the rain except for the one originally built by the Team!  It needed some repairs.

Wolfe:  How many people were able to store water from the rain?  How many pulled water from the road?  Jill thought that this is a good place to begin focus.

Transition Joshua Tree is developing a Forum for community chat.

Isaiah is interested in cisterns to catch water.

Karen:  Water harvesting from rain is being pursued as an issue at the Joshua Basin Water District.  An article was published recently in the local paper regarding water catchment from rain.

Jill:  All should look at the Brad  Lancaster Video:  “Free Water”, and check out Bill Mollison and Peter Baines.