Our Services

The Heart & Soul Team offers the following services to the Transition Joshua Tree community:

  1. Starting a new group/working effectively in a collaborative group
    • Creating a group Aim/Purpose Statement
    • Creating agendas
    • Keeping minutes
    • Facilitation Guidance
    • Setting Group Norms
  1. Conflict Resolution
    • For Individual and/or Group Issue(s)
    • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) techniques
  1. Group Health Assessment
    • Starhawk’s Mandala of Group Roles
  1. Heart-based Tools
    • Centering Exercises
    • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
    • The Four Agreements

Easy Process for Requesting Services:

STEP ONE: Fill out our easy questionnaire:

  1. In which of the above services are you interested? Why?
  2. Are you representing yourself or your group?
  3. Briefly describe the problem.
  4. What actions have you or your group already taken in this area?
  5. What were the results?
  6. What are your desired outcomes from working with H & S?
  7. When would you like this service provided?

STEP TWO: Email or hand the questionnaire to one of our H & S members!

Requests for services are usually addressed at the next scheduled H & S Meeting.

For urgent situations, contact a H & S member in person or via phone, and we will take your questionnaire orally and expedite the process.