Casting call for off-grid or eco-friendly homes – Living on the Edge | Animal Planet

Are you living the American Dream in an amazing, off-the grid or eco-friendly home? Does your home have awesome, innovative features that set it apart from all the rest?  Do you live in a solar-powered shipping container, bad-ass missile silo, domestic dome home, or the like?  Last, but not least, are you and your family a group of dynamic, entertaining characters with a passion for your home and the lifestyle that comes with it? If so, this is the show for you!

The show’s producer, Angie Jedlicka, contacted Transition Joshua Tree looking for potential features for this new show.

Animal Planet’s new series, “Living on the Edge,” will feature interesting people who are “living their dream” in amazing, off-the-grid or eco-friendly homes.  We would require up to three full days of shooting in your home with you and your family; however, you will be compensated for your time. The shoot will take place in late-August or early-September 2013.

If you’re interested in participating in our show, please send an email with the following information, as well as 1-2 photos of you & your family, and 3-5 photos of your home (both interior & exterior).
• Names and ages of homeowners

• Phone numbers and email addresses

• Location

• Describe your home.  What makes it unique? Did you build it yourself? How long have you lived here?  What do you love most about your house?

• Describe all off-the-grid and/or eco-friendly elements of your home.

• Describe yourself and your family.  Interests?  Passions?  Hobbies?  What makes you the perfect fit for our show?

Please send all information and photos to 


Please include the name of your city in the subject line and where you saw this posting. ACT NOW. We’re casting the series IMMEDIATELY! The sooner you reach out to us, the greater your chance of being selected!