About TJT

What is Transition Joshua Tree About? 

Transition Joshua Tree is a community-building network of individuals and affiliated projects and groups that work together in various ways to:

quote from corp of engineers about need for resolving our dependence upon oil1) Encourage the citizens of the Morongo Basin to face and understand the growing threats to our community’s quality of life due to the interconnected challenges of climate change, an unstable global economy and the end of inexpensive and abundant fossil fuels

2) Foster a dynamic community organizing process that unleashes the collective genius of our citizens to envision a better future and start the transition to a more resilient, sustainable way of life.

3) Organize the community to develop a comprehensive Energy Action Plan that will delineate our transition away from fossil fuels.

Towards these ends we organize educational community events that deal with the urgent subject of transitioning to a sustainable local infrastructure. This includes healthy food production, water conservation and water harvesting techniques, alternative building methods, transportation with a low carbon footprint and clean energy production.

Permaculture is at the heart of the Transition Movement. Permaculture is a comprehensive and sustainable land use design system that works with nature to ensure a healthy and abundant environment for many generations to come. It particularly offers solutions to desertification and dryland ecosystems. The 2011 International Permaculture Convergence convened in Jordon and specifically addressed WATER.


Transition Joshua Tree follows the model offered by the international Transition movement.