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The Transition Joshua Tree Permaculture Team Aim:

To learn and practice permaculture principles in a way that is inclusive, harmonious, and inspiring so that we may all transition as a community to a more regenerative, resilient, and earth-connected way of life, both locally and globally.

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We gladly welcome new members. Whether you are experienced or a newbie to permaculture, there is a place for you! Our meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.  Call Dave at (760) 544 3294 or email for meeting location and questions.

We have found that it is very helpful for anyone considering joining Transition to first read Transition Teams General Information and About TJT.

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How to Harvest Water booklet download


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Need Ollas? Contact Aili from the Permaculture Team at
Need Ollas? Email Aili from the Permaculture Team at


Charla's Microbe Presentation as pdf
Charla’s Microbe Presentation as pdf

How To Make A Wicking Bed pdf Download


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Permaculture Resources:

Transition Joshua Tree Dryland Permaculture Resources Page


  1. Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollinson
  2. Gaia’s Garden – Toby Hemenway
  3. Tending the Wild; Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Resources – M. Kat Anderson
  4. Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol. I and II – Brad Lancaster
  5. Create an Oasis with Greywater – Art Ludwig
  6. A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander
  7. The Humanure Handbook – Joseph Jenkins
  8. Gathering the Desert – Gary Paul Nabhan
  9. Tree Crops; A Permanent Agriculture – J. Russell Smith and Wendell Berry
  10. Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyons West – Michael Moore
  11. Temalpakh; Cahuilla Indian knowledge and usage of plants – Lowell John Bean and Katherine Siva Saubel

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