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Whole Earth Summit Starts March 11

– Why join? Though our hearts know another world is possible, it’s not necessarily easy to create the regenerative culture we dream of. Whether in our own backyards, communities at large , how do we actually create the world we want? Join…

Living With Climate Change by Karen Tracy

TJT member, Karen Tracy, was asked by Transition Network founder Rob Hopkins to write an article on how our Transition Initiative is dealing with climate change. It's a great article and was just published on the Transition Culture…

Water Team Sets Their 2014 Goals

This is what transition is all about: setting goals and working toward change. Last night, the Water Group prioritized their top nine goals for the year. Keep an eye out for them as they work to improve our community’s water ethic.

Transition Joshua Tree & Friends Clean Up

Saturday January 18th was another beautiful day in paradise, made more beautiful by the camaraderie of people working together to clean up the roadsides of Joshua Tree. "I woke up thinking, 'ugh, who wants to pick up trash,’" said Bernard…